Guided Surgical Procedure For Dental Implant Placement

Posted by Ms.Linda on December 11th, 2015

Placing dental implants has never been so much safe and efficient; thanks to the modern technology. With advances in implant treatment planning, Dr. Datta-the renowned specialist for dental implants in Northern VA can now offer computer-guided dental implant surgery, which ensures precise implant placement, minimizing implant failures.

What is guided implant surgery?

Guided implant surgery is a revolutionary technology that utilizes Cone Beam imaging to determine the most strategic and precise placement of the implant in the jawbone, which results in fully restored dental function and happy smiles.

Advantages of Guided Implant Surgeries

Ridgetop Dental’s centre for dental implants in Reston prefers the use of the innovative computer-guided dental implant surgery over traditional methods. Dr. Datta-the renowned implant specialist has found the outcome of computer-guided surgeries to be a more predictable, less invasive and having greater success rate.

Guided implant surgery-the process

During the initial consultation with the implant specialists at Ridgetop Dental, 3 dimensional images of the patient’s mouth are taken with the help of CBCT scan. These images provide the dental experts at Ridgetop Dental with a detailed view of the interior of the jaw bone and surrounding nerves and tissues.

Then with the help of a highly advanced software the images obtained using CBCT are processed, which creates a surgical guide for precise planning of dental implant surgery.

The end result is a beautiful, natural looking smile that is achieved by the best placement of dental implants using ultra modern technology. Guided implant surgery improves overall patient satisfaction, by making the implant placement procedure less invasive.

Can everyone enjoy the benefits of guided implant surgery?

Rarely, there are cases where guided implant surgery is not possible. In such cases, the specialists at Ridgetop Dental will discuss alternatives for dental implant placement or alternative missing teeth solutions, such as bridges and dentures in Northern Virginia. For the dentists at Ridgetop Dental, overall well-being of the patients is always at the forefront of their decision making. By the virtue of their years of experience and the will to provide the best service to the patients, they will come up with a restoration plan that will be the most effective for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact the experts at Ridgetop Dental’s centre for the best dental implants in Northern Virginia.

Why Ridgetop Dental?

At Ridgetop Dental, the implant specialists will help correct cosmetic and functional concerns regarding missing teeth.  Let the experienced dental professionals tailor a unique restoration treatment plan for you that will not just make you look good, but boost your self confidence and overall health.

With today’s advances in missing teeth replacement technology, patients who need to replace one or more missing teeth can expect results that look and feel completely natural, with the help of guided implant placement. To find out whether you’re a candidate for guided dental implant surgery at Ridgetop Dental, contact their office today. Getting perfectly fitted dental implants will change your life for good and make it beautiful.

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