Tips on how to select the right dog for your family

Posted by glainmax55 on December 11th, 2015

There are different types of dogs and choosing one, you need to have studied and researched on them. Your study will help you understand which dog is perfect for you to stay with at home and which you should go with for hunting. However, not researching deeply makes you to have little knowledge hence making an impromptu decision.

Your decision later turns out to be regrettable because the dog you chose is not suitable for habitual with your family. It is either timid or aggressive hence interfering with its training and peaceful existence in the family. This is a story I have heard from dog parents who ends up giving their dog away. Below is a highlight of the top four breeds of dogs which will be appropriate for your children.
Golden Retriever; it is a dog which has earned its title for being elegant and well groomed. It is absolutely neat hence confident of its activities. It is reliable and kind hence creation of friendship with your children is within minutes. They are brave and rarely will you ever find them violent.

Moreover, their peacefulness makes your children depend on them as their friends. It loves playing which is similarly with your toddler. Your children have found someone to play and look out for. You can get this type of dog at a reasonable price in a dog shop.  In addition, you should request if they can offer training to you.

For younger children Labrador retriever would be right for them. Its features include patience, protective, dependable and loving. It stands out as a distinguished dog because it portrays all the features your baby needs when cuddling. Moreover, it will play safer games with your baby as it is not violent.

Poodles are other charming and gentle dogs breeds which are appropriate to play and socialize with your kids. Moreover, they are loyal, caring and grooming too. They have a long hair which requires you to read our dog info so that you may know how to straighten and maintain it. Furthermore, its great personality makes it friendly with kids while playing.

Irish setter is another breed which is energetic and engages your kids into playing games. However, you will be required to involve it in a lot of work outs and exercises since it loves playing a lot.  Moreover, it enjoys being around people hence its adaptation takes a shorter time in a new home.

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