Dealing with emotional eating

Posted by tedmark on December 11th, 2015

You have made a plan and decided to start a new diet and stick to eating healthy. It starts out great, as you feel motivated and are on track, but along the way something happens and you end up with your favourite snacks. When you realise it, you start feeling depressed, bloated, sabotaging yourself and your progress. It is known as emotional eating and too many people are struggling with it. No matter how much you try, you are not able to stay away from ice cream, chocolate, chips or any other cravings. At one point, you are dealing with food addiction.

Dealing with rough emotions is not pleasant and some people find release and comfort in food. Instead of figuring out why they feel that way or what is in their mind, they rather stuff their mouths. Food takes attention from what you are feeling and this is why it is regarded by many people as a way of healing. Emotional eating is for many the main cause for overeating and not being able to lose weight. The quest for that ideal diet is useless if you are not able to follow it and you fall to temptation each time. Food addiction. is something serious and has a powerful impact on those who have to face it.

Since many people think they obtain pleasure by eating food, they think it is the only way to achieve it in the end and the body claims the sensation on many occasions. Some people eat only when they are hungry, as a necessity and nothing more, while those who have food addiction. are not able to stop eating even if they are full. Healthy diets are not about starving yourself and thinking it is cruelty or a punishment, they are about choosing healthier alternatives, nourishing the body. However, those suffering from emotional eating crave only the nasty choices, junk food, sweets, sodas and such.

Discovering yourself and making better plans is the key to overcome emotional eating. For example, identify your triggers and come with solutions. If you tend to eat more when you are feeling lonely, avoid it, call a friend, a family member and chat more. You can find relief in other life aspects and other daily activities instead. It is important to identify the cause of food addiction. This way, you will be able to deal with the emotions and the problems, find the roots and understand your eating habits better. Excluding certain foods from your diet is not always the answer, but knowing yourself better and why you had reached that point in your life.

Perhaps you don’t even know that you are an emotional eater, but you can find this out by taking some tests and quizzes. You can even find the obstacles in the way of losing weight and why you don’t actually manage to stick to a diet program. It is even better when you work with someone specialised, a weight loss trainer that has dealt with cases just like yours or has been once in such a situation.

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