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Posted by heyadams on June 11th, 2021

Pool maintenance involves many steps, but knowing where to begin can be challenging. Infrequent maintenance of swimming pools demands a lot of time and effort from pool owners. You can reach out to us for assistance if needed.

Do you plan to host a pool party? Providing pool services in Plano, TX, we are the best choice  for any outdoor water needs, and we guarantee your satisfaction. Having practiced customer service for more than 20 years, our team appreciates every opportunity to assist our  clients.

From weekly maintenance to customized installation packages, we offer a wide range of services. Often, Plano TX pool services go unappreciated as a valuable commodity. All of our services ensure your safety and satisfaction, as well as expert advice and professional pool maintenance.

Why do you need pool service?

You may want to keep your pool clean and debris-free, to minimize the risks of accidents and injuries, or for aesthetic purposes.

  • Pool safety depends on the amount of chlorine, bromine, and cyanuric acid in the water.

  • Inadequate water treatment systems may cause skin rashes if you fail to maintain these levels because bacteria form over time on surfaces near pools.

  • Pool Maintenance Companies in Plano TX will perform maintenance periodically depending on how often the homeowner contracts them

  • During storm season, vacuuming debris from floor drains that collect leaves; scrubbing walls clean; pressure washing decks and patios are typical cleaning services.

  • The Pool Service Company will also test your water and send you a report that includes the level of chlorine and pH.

  • Checking these numbers to see if they are within range is then possible. The filter system in the pool may be malfunctioning or the homeowner may have incorrectly added the chemicals.

Maintenance services include vacuuming debris from floor drains, scrubbing walls clean, pressure washing deck and patio areas, and testing water chemistry  levels periodically.

The technicians at Pool Service Near Me are highly trained in all areas of pool maintenance and care. This summer, pool service professionals should advise their customers about pool safety while also providing the best service.

What is included in a typical Plano tx pool service?

The pool services we offer in Plano, Texas, are of the highest quality. There are many tasks that can be completed in just one day or spread out over a period of time as part of a pool service.

The process can include:

  • Hauling out debris, leaves, branches, rocks, etc

  • Cleaning the filter with backwashing to eliminate bacteria & particulates

  • Installing new sand inside the skimmer box for filtration purposes is called "grit vacuuming".

Our Services:

We offer pool repair, pool winterization, and backyard oasis design services. Also available are automatic chlorination systems, full-service barbecues, and a variety of quality products.

Keep the water of your swimming pool clean to prevent germs, bacteria, and viruses from spreading. To keep you and your family safe, Plano Pool Pros believes that clean water is essential. Our highly skilled professionals can handle any project, no matter how large or small.

Getting Pool Repair Plano: Your pool is a major investment and a centerpiece of your home, so you  deserve the best repairs and improvements! Only licensed technicians are employed by Plan Pool Pros. Whenever you are dissatisfied with the condition of your pool, feel free to contact us.

Remodeling your pool is a place for entertainment and pride. If your pool's pristine blue water starts to look dated or damaged, it might be time to  make some changes. 


Providing high-quality products and excellent customer service is our goal. The company offers residential  pool construction, renovation, installation, repair &  maintenance, as well as  water treatment  technologies.  

Website Link: https://www.poolservicesinplanotx.com/

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