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The ocean cucumbers or sea slugs are harvested by the Chinese for many years. The Chinese have enjoyed this delicacy for hundreds of years. Today, the demand is even bigger for the dried ocean cucumbers. The sea cucumber is therefore known as attributable to its form. The Chinese calls it “hoy sum’ which means “ocean heart” or “ocean ginseng”. several believe this echinoderm have helpful health edges. The sea cucumbers ar historically oversubscribed dried and there ar several, many types and sizes to settle on from. colors vary from white to black. Sea Cucumber - Refer below for preparation The texture is jelly like or firm counting on however long it's been soft-bo. On its own the style is extremely bland, therefore somewhat of preparation with sauces is required to gift a tasty dish.In the recent days, echinoderm is taken into account a awfully pricey item and solely ingested on special occasions, like Chinese yr, grandparent’s birthdays, baby’s full phase of the moon and gala days.It is a awfully tedious job cleansing and preparation it. nowadays it's still terribly pricey however you'll order it in most Chinese restaurants.The sea cucumber is claimed to be sensible for the guts, lowers steroid alcohol, AN aphrodisiac and keeps you young.Today you'll realize clean frozen ocean cucumbers in some fish outlets or Asian grocery outlets.The best tasting ones come back from Japan. they're regarding 4” long, dried and black in color with little spikes on either side. These ocean cucumbers also are the foremost pricey. Prepartaion:To restructure the dried ocean cucumbers, many weeks of soaking and cleansing is important before you'll cook and eat it. the ocean cucumbers ar 1st place in a very pot with clean water (enough to cover). awaken the boil and flip heat, then cowl and leave to soak over night. Repeat this consequent day, i.e. wash them, add clean water and boil, then soak long. this can be done three times. On the fourth day, they're soft enough to chop open the belly and clean out the insides.They have plenty of sand and guts. employing a knife, scrape off the sandy bits from the outer skin,sometimes the sellers use lime to preserve them. laundry and scraping would take away most of it.Put them back in clean cold water, dynamic the water each day for seven days. currently the ocean cucumbers ar able to cook. Cut them up into bite size items, boil them once, strain and stew them with mushrooms.My grandma sometimes stews the ocean cucumbers with innumerable ginger, garlic and pork hock. Cooking: The ginger, garlic ar cooked in oil, add the chop up pork leg, mushrooms and ocean cucumbers. Add oyster sauce, soy sauce, black sauce, Chinese wine, whole peppercorns and water to stew. Season with salt to style.Simmer until the meat and ocean cucumbers are soft. Serve with steam rice. sea cucumber supplier sea cucumber korea

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