Few Good Reasons to Hire the Best Removals Eastbourne Services

Posted by Saints Removals UK on December 12th, 2015

There are different events that might call for a move – a job transfer, purchase of a bigger, better home or simply because you will be closer to university. Your plan of action looks something like this. Your friends will pitch in. You’ll bundle up your stuff in cartons. Load your van, drive off and unload at your new destination.

But wait a minute! Moving houses appears easier than it is. Also, there are a lot of hidden costs in a DIY move that you don’t anticipate when you start out. Still not convinced? Here are 6 good reasons to hire the best removals Eastbourne services.

Saves time

The best removals Eastbourne services, equipped with a trained team, standard packaging materials and a fleet of transport vehicles, can handle the move within a given time frame. So whether you’ve got a deadline of 10 days or 1 month, they can manage it for you. Their experience in the field enables them to complete the task quickly yet efficiently, in many cases, half the time you might take.

Less stress

Organizing the move can be a highly stressful affair. You’re schedule is already packed with home and office responsibilities and the move becomes an additional one. Hiring a removals company Eastbourne helps avoid the unnecessary stress, as it manages the entire move right from packing your boxes to unloading it at your new destination. Meanwhile, you can take care of other priorities.

Safe handling

Most removals companies Eastbourne pack your belongings in bubble wrap and moving blankets, something you might use in a DIY move. These packaging materials protect fragile items from damage as well as reduce the impact in case of damage. Not only this, they know how the boxes must be arranged in a moving truck to cause minimum damage. You can be sure your valuable possessions will be transported safely.

An insurance cover makes for another security layer. Should any items be damaged during transit, and if it has been packaged by them, you will be compensated according to the value.

The right vehicles

The mini-pick up might not accommodate a truck load of goods. This may mean multiple trips to and fro, added fuel costs or renting a larger vehicle. Thus, it’s a more practical option to hire a removals company Eastbourne. They have vehicles in different sizes designed for a long-distance commute and hilly and snow-laden roads. The drivers also know shortcuts that can reduce commute time.

Reduced injury risks

What many of us don’t consider is the chances of injury when settling for a DIY removal.  You might pull a muscle trying to lift a box or break a leg if you lose your foothold. A serious injury will cost you a thousand dollars more than you might save not hiring a removals company. Professional packers and movers are trained in lifting items. Besides, they have carts and levers that make the job easier.

A DIY is costlier

A DIY involves the following costs – buying packaging materials, hiring a vehicle, the cost of fuel and labor charges if you hire helpers. That amounts to quite a bit. Don’t forget the investment of time and effort.

To conclude, these are some of the reasons to hire the best removals company Eastbourne. They make sure you have a smooth move at an affordable cost. Shop around to shortlist an efficient, professional and reliable removals company Eastbourne.

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