Do You Want To Know About the Butterfly Life Cycle

Posted by articlelink01 on December 12th, 2015

Butterfly is a kind of an insect of interest to most of the individuals because of its color and beauty, habitat and life cycle. The butterflies’ life cycle is the most explained in the science classes and fairs? It can easily be demonstrated without much set up and can easily be understood. The cycle of the butterfly is complete when it goes through all its stages in the life of insects according to the available theory.

There are four main stages in the life cycle of a butterfly. They include egg, caterpillar, pupa and adult. Every stage is very distinct from the other and it can easily be recognized. The process in which the adult follows to grow from the egg, moving through various different phases is known as metamorphorsis. The eggs are very small and round in shape. They are usually placed on the host plant which the caterpillar will feed on. They remain in that state for 6 to 7 days.

Caterpillar is very big when the larva crawls out of the egg and began to feed on the host plant. It has attractive stripes, patterns and some hairy –like things on its body. When it fully grows to caterpillar, it has six legs and some more prologs. This phase experiences feeding and growth. The caterpillar feeds tremendously on the host plant and can easily eat the whole of the plant. Moulting is the process which the outer skin is shed off. During this stage, it undergoes moulting severally due to rapid growth.

Once it attains a certain age, caterpillar becomes dormant and becomes a pupa. The caterpillar forms a cocoon around its body and is attached to the stem using strong silk thread that it generates. Pupa is very colorful. Inside, as the pupa remains dormant, tissues are broken down and it develops structures of the insect like wings, antenna, and body for it to fly out and survive. They do not fall off either during the rains or winds.

The final stage of the Life cycle of a butterfly, which is gotten from the pupa. It breaks the open covering and gets out fluttering its wings. From there it feeds on nectar and undergoes mating and laying of eggs. The lifespan of an adult varies depending on species to species. Some only live for a month or two, while others live for years.

The life of the butterfly is the most often chosen topic of insect life that is mostly taught in school. Teachers or kids collect plants having the eggs of butterfly and take observation of every phase. This type of demonstration helps the kids to learn the process effectively. One is not allowed to come into contact with the creature during any phase of its growth as it can affect its process of development.

To learn the lifecycle of the butterfly is very easy. You can decide to observe it closely in the nature or use the internet resources with pictures and explanations of various phases.

In order to get more information about the Life cycle of a butterfly , read more on the butterfly life cycle here, where you can also get to know more about Mineral identification pictures with names . It is fascinating and caterpillars are great fun to raise butterflies indoors. For more information, visit life cycle of a butterfly.

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