Mia Bella Candles: Work from Home with Your Own Candle Business

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 28th, 2010

You may have wanted to start your own business at home but didn't know what kind of business would be successful. Mia Bella candles offer quality products that allow you to work from home. To have a thriving business you need a product or service that is in great demand. That is why Mia Bella candles have been profitable for many people who work from home.

Candles are very popular in American homes. The candle business in the US is a $2 billion plus a year industry. Seven out of ten homes use candles and many people use them for relaxation. At one time, candles were used only for light. But now, they are used for home décor and to add scent to the home.

Selling Mia Bella Candles

Mia Bella candles started out to help with fundraisers. Their unique formulas and exceptional scents were very well received by customers. This was just the beginning! They wanted to make this available as a retail business to provide income for their distributors. They wanted to get the products on the market and allow more people to realize their dream of working at home.

Enjoy High Profits

There are three ways to earn money with Mia Bella candles. The first one is retail sales through home parties, craft shows and office sales. Many people are selling them along with other crafts and making a large profit. The second way to earn money is through fundraising. This program has been very successful for distributors and could lead to a full-time income. The third way to earn money is through residual income. By recommending five people to the Candle of the Month club, you can move to a higher income level.

The company provides you with ideas and guidelines to get started. The start-up cost is low and the profits on your sales are very high. The products sell themselves, and you do not have to use high-pressure sales tactics. You can earn a full-time income by getting the products distributed, and then word of mouth will spread it.

Unique Mia Bella Candles

The Mia Bella candles are made with natural ingredients such as vegetables, soy and plants. They burn practically soot-free and are non-toxic. And very importantly, their fragrances smell more natural and stronger than most other candles. The gourmet scents will impress new customers and will keep them coming back. There are candles and melts to choose from in dozens of delightful fragrances!

Selling Mia Bella candles is a legit business that can help you work from home. Whether you want a full- or part-time business is up to you. You can keep another job and just sell to friends if you want. Or, you can earn more income by doing it full time through fundraisers, parties or shows. With Mia Bella candles, you can realize your dreams of earning money through your own home business!

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