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Posted by goldsafe21 on December 14th, 2015

In this year's Blizzcon, Blizzard announced that Legion has the most VO of any WoW expansion. And now with proceeding of the Alpha test, many players should have also realized that while doing kinds of missions. But there will be more! The wow Quality Assurance, Zorbrix just disclosed on the blue post that there are still many sound files that wait to be added!

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VO work is ongoing for WOW Legion quests

Legion is definitely an expansion with the most VO in the World of Warcraft history, that doesn't necessarily prove anything. Some players mentioned that Blizzard should at least make it so players aren't asking this question in an Alpha. However, it is never too late and we will get them soon. On December 10, a player made a post on the official forums to ask if there is a chance to get voice acted for dialogues in the opening class/spec specific quest line, and the Q&A specialist, Zorbrix gave an answer quickly, telling players that the VO is not at 100% completion yet. Instead, they are currently working on them, and he also expected that players can give some feedbacks when the sound files are in function. To make an example, he told that there would be the situation like: sound files cut each other off during a back and forth conversation, sound files that don't match the written text, or sound files that can't be heard from a reasonable distance.
There is no need to worry about missing any text

As things are in process, we haven’t got any spoilers if there are any well-known actors voicing characters. However, it is definitely a great bonus that you don’t need to keep stopping the progress of questing just to make sure you don’t miss the text. Some of the quest text while the NPC is walking, telling you to follow them, etc is quite long and disappears through the chat long or across the screen quickly. However, you will get all messages when new voice over comes throughout artifact quests. Personally, I'd expect the scenarios for the artifacts to absolutely contain a portion of that.

WoW Legion will bring 36 awesome questlines to players, each with awesome story and VA. Except for that, there are many other amazing additions, such as new transmog system, new raids, the ancient lands of night elves etc. What do you like in Legion? This most voice over expansion will go live in the summer of next year, so just buy cheap wow gold fast for current use and stay tuned for more information about Legion on Safewow.

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