Beautify Your Bedroom with Organic Cotton Pillows

Posted by TheOrganicMattressStore on December 15th, 2015

A well-thought out pillow arrangement can be the ultimate finishing touch that your bed needs to make your sleeping haven look more inviting and cozy. It is easy to mix and match pillow shapes sizes, and configurations to create a beautiful bed that beckons if you only know how to properly set them against your mattress and headrest. When arranging your bed pillows, remember that these bedding accessories aren't merely for decorative purposes—they too can add a great deal of comfort and warmth to your otherwise barren and cold bed.

Most people have a love-hate relationship with pillows. Some prefer less while, others couldn't live without a bunch. No matter where you are in the scale, remember that you can very well overdo a good thing, so make sure that you don't get carried away while piling on organic cotton pillows together with other must have bedding accessories. While there are no set rules for making bed pillow arrangement, there are certain things that you can remember to create a designer look that reflects your personality—whether you are neat, messy, orderly, trendy, or edgy. Bed pillows, especially organic pillows, add luxury to a bed and make your sleeping haven more alluring and inviting.

Stacked pillows are great for the minimalist type. Placing pillows flat on top of each other is a no-fuss, orderly, sleek, and simple way to arrange pillows on your bed, allowing you a nice cozy surface to come home to each night, ready for your tired head. Standing pillows are also an edgy way to arrange your head cozies. Place, at least, three or more pillows standing on one end of the bed (typically the headboard) for a decorative effect. Some would often place larger pillows in the back, down to the smallest pieces in front for a more stylish arrangement that makes a statement. Mixing stacked and standing pillows is also a cool way to arrange your bedding accessories, especially if you have too many for stacking up or arranging in a standing pile. This also gives way to a more interesting layered look and a versatile arrangement that you can mix and match anytime.

Rolled pillows also make for great additions to a pillow arrangement, especially when you have differently sized and shaped pieces. Keeping a messy, mixed, but edgy arrangement also creates a comfy, throw-and-go look that is more casual, easy, fun, and simple.

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