7 key elements of WordPress Ecosystem

Posted by Anne Chritine on June 12th, 2021

WordPress is the first choice of experts while recommending beginners the way to create their website or blog. It is one of the most used and admired content management systems worldwide. This extensive open-source platform powers around 40% of all the live websites on the web.

Key Elements of WordPress

Following are the significant elements of WordPress essential to create a stunning website:


Posts are a crucial element of WordPress and most frequently used to create several types of content. If you are creating a blog, then each post on your website will represent a new update.

You can also use the posts for regular or timely content, like image galleries, news articles, etc. It is one of the busiest segments of the WordPress dashboard, as you will likely spend most of your time here if your site is up and running.

On the WordPress dashboard menu, you can find the “Posts” option. Hover or click on “Posts,” and you will be able to see the options – All Posts, Add New, Categories, and Tags.

7 key elements of WordPress Ecosystem


WordPress pages are quite similar to posts in so many ways. Both of these elements are created and edited with the help of a simple interface. But, you can differentiate them for their usability.

The main intend of Pages is to hold static and more timeless content that is unlikely to modify regularly. Pages are what builds up the structure of your website. So, at least one page is required for your website, usually a blog archive or a home page.


Next on this list is “Media.” It is the section where all your files, images, and other uploaded things are housed. Text is the crucial part of your content, but you will probably want to supplement it with relevant media like images, videos, audio, or documents.

To upload files to your Media library, tap on Add New option. Use the drag and drop or click to browse the folders to open the files. You can use these media files with the help of the “Add media” button while writing or editing a post.


WordPress themes can help you change the appearance of your website. You can use these themes as the “skin” of your website that determines the showcase of content on the front end.

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