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Know More about Permalip Lip Implants

Posted by Elitesurgical on December 15th, 2015

PermaLip is a brand of FDA-approved lip implants, and it is becoming a popular lip augmentation procedure in the US and Europe. The implants could be an option if you found the results of fat filler and collagen injections to be unsatisfactory. PermaLip implants are made of solid, soft silicone, which is inserted into two small slits at the end of your lips. They are designed to be permanent, so you do not have to worry about returning to the cosmetic surgeon every few months to have another injection (unlike with injectable lip augmentation procedures). Moreover, the implants are inert, so there is a minimal risk for complications like bleeding or infection.

Lip implants provide an effective and lasting solution for adding volume to the lips. Unlike dermal fillers, lip implants are preferred by patients who want a more permanent or semi-permanent lip augmentation. Some dermal fillers and other conventional lip enhancement procedures may be risky and provide unnatural looking results. PermaLip is one of the most popular lip implant options offered in the UK because it lets you achieve fuller lips without affecting the natural contours of the mouth and lips.

PermaLip implants are made in different sizes, shapes, and lengths, and everything is designed to feel and look natural. PermaLip is great for older patients when their lips thinned out due to age. Many patients report liking the PermaLip because it is a lip augmentation solution that does not require any maintenance. However, since this is an invasive procedure, you need to make sure the implants are provided by a skilled and accredited cosmetic surgeon.

Using PermaLip implants is completely safe, and the treatment is fairly quick. You will be put under a local or general anaesthetic. It will not require any follow-up surgical procedures, so it is both cost effective and time-saving. PermaLip does not have any negative side affects known and associated with conventional lip augmentation materials and procedures. And because it is solid, a PermaLip implant will not deflate, diminish, or rupture over time. Its malleability and flexibility enables it to adapt easily to the shape, contours, and natural movements of your mouth. Moreover, the smooth surface and non-reactive silicone material resists ingrown tissue and scarring.

PermaLip goes well with most patients of all skin types and ages. Be sure to have it done by a qualified surgeon who can fully evaluate your health condition and the shape of your mouth and lips. This way, you can be sure that PermaLip is indeed the best lip augmentation solution for you.

About the Company:

Elite Surgical is a leading healthcare provider of both cosmetic surgical and non-surgical treatments with clinics in London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Milton Keynes, Liverpool and Yorkshire. Elite Surgical is lead by the Award Winning expert Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Mr Sultan Hassan FRCS(Plast) who has been featured in programmes on Channel 4, Sky, ABC in the USA, BBC Radio and in various magazines. Elite Surgical is committed to giving its patients unrivalled care throughout their journey both before and after any treatment or surgery. Since being established in 2012, Elite Surgical has quickly grown to become known as a provider of the highest quality services to its patients with fantastic customer/patient satisfaction, patient safety and excellence in patient outcome, at its core.


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