7 Facts Everyone Should Know About Technology

Posted by Anne Chritine on June 12th, 2021

Technology plays a vital role in our daily life. Everyone has become so advanced and curious about getting a perception of Trending Tech. That is why the growth of the technology industry has taken a boost in the past few years. People have become habitual of using advanced gadgets like smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. But, still, there are some amazing facts that very few people know about Technology and its use. Here, you will get to know about those seven exciting facts everyone should know about Technology. 

Importance of Technology

Technology is necessary for the growth of the human race, and we can’t ignore it at any cost. It plays a versatile role in making lives easier for the majority of people in our society. Everyone is using gadgets and the latest equipment regularly to ease through their routine tasks. The Latest tools & equipment used to help us solve the problem and simply make life better, and accelerate our creative work.

The development of a new era of technologies helped save lives, improve employment, and make the world a better place to live. Smartphones have brought people closer through various social and professional applications, and features set a lively example of advanced technology. Most people are using a smartphone to save time and invest their whole effort into creating amazing artwork.

7 Facts Everyone Should Know About Technology

Facts Everyone Should Know About Technology

Following are the interesting facts everyone should know about technology to level up their lifestyle and minimize the hurdles of hefty tasks.

QWERTY Keyboard

QWERTY keyboard layout for smartphones is to improve their functions. By making them rapid and efficient and creating an easy learning Pattern for everyone. In the QWERTY layout, all the alphanumeric characters are available, so it helps you in typing quickly. Most professionals prefer this amazing technology to enhance their typing efforts while texting or calling.

Tesla Automotive 

Everyone knows the name Tesla because this name has given a new definition to brand power and advanced technology. Being an American electric Heap and clean energy company, Tesla is based in Palo Alto, California.

Tesla’s latest products are electric cars, battery energy storage from house to Grid-Scale, or several other secondary products related to electric cars and battery storage.

Alexa & Siri Always Hear Your Gossips

Nobody has the right to hear your personal & confidential Conversations. But, sometimes, technical tools like Alexa and Siri store your data in dialogue history to their cloud, which eventually helps them to upgrade the AI Experience for you. To maintain the level of security, you should delete that dialogue history frequently.

GPS Can Cause Problems

According to the experts, some GPS features are very beneficial, while some can be harmful to humans, such as the ON and OFF engines. For example, your vehicles are moving on highways with a heavy load. Eventually, you lose the internet connection, or your gadget presses the off button available on the interface of your GPS application. So, one should be aware of such possibilities.


Every SEO person knows the benefits of the MOZ website for getting a data DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority), or Spam Score. One of the hidden features of MOZ is MOZ Pro; it gives data for website analytics & linking building analysis, and more.

Google Searches Per Day

It’s both cool and strange how Google handles the numerous search queries every day. The Google search engines help every small and large-scale business by solving their queries daily and providing relevant answers in a few moments. The vast data in Google’s database and efficient server technology make this hefty task possible in a quite appropriate manner.

Blind People Can Use Smartphones

Let us introduce you to the most brilliant Technologies ever came into existence for blind people: Braille Technology. It’s an up-and-coming technology for blind people to use smartphones easily. The use of this technology is straightforward: pins go up and down, and users understand the function easily using a sharp mind.

With all of these latest facts about Technology, We hope you have gained something worthwhile. There are several other facts about technology for the users, and You can easily find them on the internet to enhance your knowledge.


We hope this article has clearly defined all these technology-related facts to you. Our motto is to be social & spread awareness about the latest trending Technology worldwide. All of these facts can help you evolve through the hurdles of your routined lives and learn the new trends with a newly developed interest. 

We all are improving our way of living with the help of various benefits of Technology. Because it gives us knowledge on a daily basis and lets us empower our community by making ourselves up to date with trends, we hope this article will help you gain some worthwhile knowledge.

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