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Posted by accolac99 on December 16th, 2015

There is no doubt that every deadman mode gold player want to achieve 99 level in every skill. Yes, this is not a easy task. Chances are that you will in need of RS gold while you are leveling up your skills. Luckily, you can always buy RS 3 gold cheap on RSorder. As you can see, one of the most hard skills is Herb. It is can boost your skill levels and help you in killing monsters and bosses in game. RSorder offers you useful tips on how to level up Herb fast in Runescape.

Use Herbicide to crash unwanted herbs

It can be very useful to use herbicide to help you level up your herb skill. With the help of herbicide, you can get rid of unwanted herbs and it also gives you the experience you would have gained from cleaning them. Besides, it also can help you turn those unwanted herbs you get from killing monsters into free exp without picking them up. However, this is an expensive method to go since herbicide costs 34,000 dungeoneering tokens and it must be repaired. The good news that you can always buy cheapest RS 3 gold on RSorder to help you.

Clean herbs to get extra exp

It is also useful to clean herbs to get exp. This is a slow yet profitable method and it is worth to have a try. You can do this on nearly every herb, apart from marrentill, guam and werlagi. More often than not, you will gain almost 200 each per herb you clean, which means that you will gain a huge amount of money and gain decent amount of experience while cleaning herbs. Higher level herbs give up to 18 exp per clean, which means 504 per inventory. It's not much, but it actually give you money.

Herblore 99 level tips:

Levels 1-3: Complete the Druidic Ritual quest. 
Levels 3-9: Complete the Jungle potion quest.
Levels 9-13: Complete the "Recruitment Drive" quest.
Levels 13-19: Complete the Digsite quest.
Levels 19-38:  Make strength potions.
Levels 38-52:  Make prayer potions.
Levels 52-63:  Make super energy potions.
Levels 63-72:  Make Super restores.
Levels 72-81:  Make super ranging potions.
Levels 81-83: Make Saradomin brews.
Levels 84-89:  Make adrenaline potions.
Levels 89-91:  Make extreme attacks. 
Levels 91-99: Make extreme magic potions.

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