Tips & Tricks to Make Your Full Lace Wig Look More Natural

Posted by DeNovoHair on December 16th, 2015

It is not uncommon to get tired of the same old boring look for your hair. Women long for something chic like a pixie crop or cascading curls without having to endure hours at a stylist, not to mention the expenses. Let’s face it, when it comes to a striking appeal, nothing beats a thick lustrous hair. Sure, the lucky few can turn heads, thanks to their crowning glory. But what about those who are not blessed with a great hair? The solution is simple: just don a full lace wig. Styled in any way, full lace wigs are versatile with soft and silky hair that looks and feels perfectly natural. If you are mulling over the fashion accessory and want to pull off a new hairstyle, follow these tips to make the full lace wig look as natural as possible

Customize: Trimming of bangs, shaping or cropping of the wig to remove excess density can create a difference and make it look great. Another way to fashion a natural hairline is to pluck out extra hair with tweezers to reduce density. Remember, to work cautiously, because once the hair is removed, it cannot not be replaced. 

Stay clear of heat: Wig wearers especially those sporting synthetic ones should refrain from opening the oven. A sudden spurt of a heat wave from the stove or steam from boiling water can damage the hairpiece beyond repair. 

Hair care products: Wigs can look beautiful and natural with specific hair care products. The color and texture of wigs treated with quality items look vibrant for a longer period. Layers and ringlets in wigs can be given a salon finish by using styling products. Additionally, tools like curling and flat irons give both human hair, and good hair wigs an authentic look. 

Blend: Donning a wig in a color that is close to your natural hair and blends along the hairline is important to provide a lifelike appearance. While applying a wig pull out a few strands of your real hair along the sides and front using your fingers or a rattail comb. 

Dull the shine: Rinsing synthetic or human full lace wigs after a wash with apple cider vinegar works wonders. It lowers shine, softens the hair and also cleanses it. After drying the lace wig, take a baby powder and run it down the full length of the lace wig. This will ensure that the hairpiece retains its sheen but doesn’t look too shiny. 

Natural colors: Opt for a wig that suits your face shape, complements your skin tone, and is close to the color of your natural hair. Such a wig tends to pass off as real hair. Multi-tonal wigs with beautiful streaks look not only real but also stylish and sassy. 

So what are you waiting for? Follow the above tips and unleash your glamor quotient with confidence for a stylish, sophisticated look with a full lace wig. 

About The Author: 

De Novo Hair LLC was established in an environment that paid little attention to the hair loss needs of women. Though over 50% of women experience hair loss at some point of age. The hair loss industry tends to focus mostly on the needs of men, with little resources for women, and especially women of color. A lot has changed in the industry since 2007, and competition has increased tremendously. De Novo Hair LLC, however, has maintained its commitment to providing quality human hair lace wigs to women to overcome hair loss and find fashion solutions.  

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