Making great building designs cost friendly ? Affordable reclaimed metal roofing

Posted by universalpositions on December 16th, 2015

Roofing used to be a very expensive issue for building upgrades and designs. One of the problems was that conventional roofing materials, like tiles, really do cost a lot of money. The game is now changing with the development of new metal alloy roofing tiles, CAD design options, and much better prices for metal roofing thanks to the new approach of reclaiming metal roofing. “Reclaimed” metal roofing is essentially recycled roofing.

In the past, this approach to managing roofing materials wasn’t really available. Some people did recycle metal roofing, but to do it on the sheer scale required to make a big difference in the US market took some time.

Pioneers in this field are a company called Metal Roof Specialties, one of the leading US suppliers of metal roofing and metal prefab buildings. This company is a virtual How To manual of improving the bottom line values in metal roofing. They’ve been in the industry for a long time, and it shows very clearly in their cost structures.

They’ve used a combination of better manufacturing techniques and reclaimed metal roofing techniques to deliver better cost bases, better design options, and above all, a whole suite of new metal products, like metal alloy roofing tiles.

It’s a winning combination. Better costs, more design options, and some truly startlingly practical solutions are delivering value for their clients and for the construction industry as a whole. It’s a familiar scenario – When one of the major league suppliers innovates, it really does change the game for the industry.

Another thing which must be mentioned is that reclaimed metal roofing also offers a very highly efficient way of managing old metal roofing materials economically and efficiently. This is not only environmentally friendly; it’s turning these materials into useful and valuable assets and helping maintain the supply of materials for metal roofing within the industry.

For more information and a fascinating insight into a truly revolutionary approach to a core cost issue in the housing industry, visit their website here at This is a big site – Take a little time to check out their Gallery and prefab metal buildings pages, in particular.

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