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Posted by sofiasmith on June 12th, 2021

Whatever your user profile, uploading your content to the famous blue-thumbed social network raises a problem: when to publish on Facebook… And above all, how to identify the best periods to maximize your visibility? This article will give you all the answers you need.

When to post on Facebook… A more than relevant question

Developing your popularity on Facebook will require certain strategies as well as a well-crafted organization. Obviously, respecting the rules imposed by this social network is essential in order to boost your statistics. Properly prepare each textual or graphic content, avoid bait engagement, moderate use of emojis … These recommendations will be your best allies. However, another question might cross your mind: when to post on Facebook?

With more than 2.85 billion active users each month in 2021, Facebook manages to attract professionals, influencers, and Internet users in search of entertainment. However, a rule imposed by this social network allows you to "share" the visibility of posts. Thus, whatever your number of subscribers on your page or profile, only a part of these Internet users will be able to automatically find your post via their news feed. This condition of use will be all the more observed if you publish your content without respecting certain so-called "strategic" time slots. So when to post on Facebook and how do you identify these optimal times?  

To each his own followers!

A majority of web marketing and social marketing experts say that the best time slots to post on Facebook are between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., then from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Unsurprisingly, these hours will refer to the professional pace of many Australian people where a deserved break or the end of the day will be ideal for consulting Facebook. However, should we blindly follow this recommendation? Absolutely not. Indeed, each page brings together its own subscribers according to the main theme that is sometimes unique.

As you will have understood, the availability of your subscribers may differ from that of another Facebook page manager. In this case, how to identify the most suitable days and times?

When to post on Facebook to maximize your visibility: our tips

As a first step, it is essential to base yourself on the statistics associated with your previous posts. While each post is unique, you might see more views, Facebook likes comments or shares from different post periods. Of course, this quick analysis will not be able to provide you with any concrete information. However, this one will well deserve your interest.

Contrary to certain received ideas, you can generate complete analytical reports, without subscribing to sometimes expensive “community management” type applications. Indeed, a few clicks will be enough for you to access Facebook Creator Studio, a completely free interface available on the web or in "application version" (via the Appstore or Google Play). You will find valuable information there ... In particular answers to this famous question: when to publish on Facebook? In addition, Creator Studio can be linked with your Instagram profile… A real opportunity to boost your visibility on the 2 most used social networks in Australia!

"Reliable over time" data?

It is useful to remember that the availability of your subscribers could change “at all” in a few days. Indeed, never forget that by adding your New Facebook followers, your statistics will often be upset. Do not hesitate to periodically consult this precious information via Creator Studio in order to adapt your strategies and maximize your results!

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