Traveling to Egypt is always a cruise for tourists

Posted by rohny on December 16th, 2015

Traveling to Egypt is always a cruise for tourists

It is said that one can learn a million things by traveling to Egypt and discovering new places. Everyone should get out of their daily routine and comfort zone and head out to new and exciting places. Not only will you see new places but you will also meet new people and try new foods and learn about new cultures and religions.

Egypt is a traditional country in the Middle East flowing with rich history and heritage. It is home to many of the rare beauties in the world ranging from the Pyramids of Giza to the Great Sphinx to the ancient ruins of Thebes. River Nile also flows through the heart of Egypt which has been a constant lifeline for the people of Egypt.

This beautiful country is the perfect blend between the modern and the traditional. You can get a slice of this by going on the River Nile cruise which gives you a five star experience of luxury, with a view of ancient temples and mysterious tombs. The cruise starts from Alexandria to Luxor making you relive through the history of Egypt from the very beginning.

Egypt has a thriving tourism industry because of its rich history. It is heaven for a historian and an architect. The mystery of the grand pyramids still calls out to the whole world making it the only existing ancient wonder of the world. While the Great Sphinx has the body of a lion and a head of a man. People are enthralled by the fact that all these monoliths were built thousands of years before by the bare hands of countless men. There are numerous places to visit that you will be torn between which place to see. Some of the places you must go to include Giza Necropolis which includes the three pyramids as well as the Great Sphinx. Another place is Dahshur where there is the Red Pyramid which is the largest pyramid in Egypt. The Valley of the Kings is also a treat for someone who appreciates beauty, it includes 63 tombs which were made for the kings and nobles of that time.

The food in Egypt has its own unique place, so if you are a foodie and love trying out new foods then brace yourself for an exciting trip. The traditional taste of spicy kebabs, kaftans and shawarmas is sure to entice your taste buds. However, if you cannot handle much heat, then there is a wide variety of continental foods as well to cater to the different tastes of every tourist. If you ever want to tour Egypt we are offering Egypt holidays packages at very low price with best services.

The accommodation facilities are excellent in Egypt as several hundred thousand people visit Egypt every year. From extravagant top notch five star hotels to budget friendly moderate hotels, there is a place for every person. The five star hotels offer an amazing experience. There is also a swimming pool and Jacuzzi to a gym and a bar to let the day wash off you. However, one should be considerate of the locals in the country and try to dress modestly as they would frown upon excessive revealing of the skin. It would also be wise to cover yourself because of the very sunny weather of the country. The best time to visit Egypt would be from October to May because the nights will be very pleasant (around 14 degrees Celsius) while the days will be bearably warm (around 23 degrees Celsius).

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