Runescape Tokhaar Gran:Gzhaaran Bang up Thread

Posted by honggi on December 17th, 2015

This is a cilia all about the new Raid feature, the new adaptation of Tokhaar Gran-Gzhaaran boss. You could accept accepted

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Main Page:

On commutual the adventure "The Brink of Extinction", as able-bodied as commutual the Figh Kiln, a additional cavern

advantage will be activate aloft traveling into action cauldron, "Enter Strange Cave". If a amateur goes into it, followa a

baby aisle arch up to a overhang of a ample arena. Tokhaar-Hok will be continuing there, cat-and-mouse for you.

The aboriginal allowance you access will be in a 26x26 room, with a few rocks in assertive places, and pools of bedrock on

the sides. During this time, a amateur will airing up to Tokaar-Hok and acquaint him the accumulation is ready, he will

activate to breaking the seal, during this time, monsters will alpha advancing out of the pools of bedrock or from the beam

till the allowance is broken.

Once the allowance is released, you will bang on the aperture to arch to the next room, area you will charge to bang on

Tokhaar-Hok to alpha the final fight.

This allowance is 30x30 room, with bedrock surrounding all abandon of the belvedere besides the access that you came into,

with 4 bedrock pillars addition up to the beam in the corners of the arena. At the oppocite end of access is a belvedere on

the added ancillary of the lava.

Afterwards 5 spaces aback anatomy that belvedere is a closed cage, if Tokhaar-Hok, break it, Gran-Gzhaaran will airing out,

afresh the bout beginning.

What is Tokhaar Gran-Gzharaan? Image a Tokhaar-Jad, with aglow red and Purple lave-like veins, huge horns, aciculate teeth,

best appendage with a aglow orb at the end, red eyes, bulkier armor and bifold the admeasurement of Tokhaar-Jad.

On the final phase, Tokhaar Gran-Gzharaan will accept aqueous armor on him, with bedrock abounding average the cracks, beef

ascent from the top, and the appendage assuming altered blush glows.

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