Why We Need Counseling?

Posted by andreapop on December 17th, 2015

If you look back to 500 years from now, you will see people getting up and then going to the work in the turnip fields. Your parents and their parents farmed turnips. That time was quite simpler and very different as compared to the time that we are living in now.

In today’s time, you don’t have any option set out before you, and you will leave your house to move to some other place that is completely new to you to make your career. You surely come across thousands of people in your lifetime. However, the thing is sometimes hyper-connected, hyper-complex world overwhelming and confusing. Sometimes someone people need some help from any expert.

Counseling can be defined as the type of therapy and psychology that mainly focus on normal and typical developmental issues because it mainly applies to human experience. Many people misunderstood the fact that therapy, counseling and psychology all are same and are related to the people suffering from mental illness. However, this is just an assumption.

Individual counseling

Counseling mainly focuses on normal problems that arise with development – problems where the simple move can solve the problem before it becomes a major problem. It includes given below area, but it is not limited to it:

Family counseling

Career counseling

Organizational Counseling

Individual counseling

Grief counseling

Nature & Purpose

The main purpose of counseling is to offer help to the one who require it. It holds adage that “prevention is always better than cure.” Counseling helps the issue before it becomes a major problem in the person’s life.

Counseling comes in various ways that depend on nature of issue it is related with.

Individual counseling is the one that focuses on near or immediate future concern of any person. It may encompass career planning and counseling, grief after the loss of any loved one and many more. Individual counseling is mainly one to one discussion between the client and counselor. 

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