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Posted by Annyer on December 17th, 2015

In World of Warcraft: Legion, the PvP currency honor and conquest will be revamped. The new pvp system, new pvp leveling and quicker seasons will be in the pvp season in this new expansion. At max level, players will be able to level their Honor Level by competing in battlegrounds and arenas. Raising the level lets players unlock new talents while earning gold and Artifact weapon power. In addition to the new pvp system, there are many other changes and feature coming to Legion. You can check them out in the previous posts. At the same time, you are able to buy cheapest wow gold at raiditem!

Under the new PvP system, players have 50 Honor Levels to earn. As the player’s Honor Level increases, they can unlock new PvP-specific talents like the Wild Protector talent for Beast Mastery Hunters. This talent lets the Hunter’s Dire Beasts protect nearby allies with a 15 percent damage reduction to those within five yards of the pets. Honor talents are only active while a character is engaged in PvP content according to, and these talents will function in addition to the player’s PvE talents.

At max level, the player can choose to keep playing with all their talents unlocked, or they can Prestige their level starting over from level one. Choosing to Prestige a character unlocks a few special rewards like unique badges that show up on the player’s nameplates, titles, faction pennants that shows up on the character’s back, new appearances for the character’s Artifact weapon, or new pets and mounts. Prestige and leveling are completely separate from the player’s rating, giving those that enjoy PvP in a less competitive way an avenue for growth and progress. Resetting the Honor Level does mean that a player will lose access to their talents, but re-leveling will grant access to them again.

PvP gear in World of Warcraft‘s new Honor system will also be different. Gear will not directly affect players in PvP with them instead benefiting from “pre-determined set of stats” based on the player’s class and specialization. A small modifier based on the player’s item level will contribute to the player’s power, however. Instead of a 25 percent difference in power between players whose item level deviates by 25 item levels today, only a 2.5 percent difference will be in effect under the new system. PvP gear still exists, as WoWhead pointed out with the Vindictive PvP gear showing up in the popular database.

Additionally, seasons will be shorter and more frequent in Legion since there is less of a discrepancy between a player in the beginning of the season versus the end. After all, gear will not be an issues, and a player’s personal Honor Level is theirs to maintain as they see fit.

The overhaul to the way PvP works in Legion is just one small portion of the expansion’s changes to World of Warcraft. If you want to know more information about Legion, be sure to check out previous posts at this website! By the way, we highly recommend you contact us for how to get spectral tigerand wod gold challenge mode boost from this reliable website!


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