Immune Deficiency: Broken Great Wall

Posted by Andrea Brook on December 17th, 2015

The people who are suffering from immunodeficient disease in a similar population of BCG and live bacteria after inoculation is likely to lead to uncontrolled infection. However, what is the immune deficiency and how is that?

What is immune deficiency disease?

On the immune deficiency disease, we may be more familiar with the "acquired immunodeficiency syndrome", that is, AIDS. The disease is caused by HIV virus infection of the human body, resulting in immune cell dysfunction, and can not produce a good resistance to cancer cells or pathogens. The majority of patients will eventually die of cancer or a variety of opportunistic infections. The HIV itself is not fatal, but the immune system after HIV infection seemed broken Great Wall, useless.

Vaccine, immune deficiency is not suitable.

Why do people with immune deficiency after vaccination, not only do not have the role to prevent diseases, but will be infected with the disease?

The immune response of the human body can be divided into two categories: innate immune response and adaptive immune response. The former includes physical skin and mucous membrane barrier function, some cells secrete bactericidal or bacteriostatic substance and a phagocytic killing effect; Adaptive immune response mainly refers to the lymphocyte activity. The reaction is slow, but after it is adjusted, it can form precision strikes against the invading enemy, and some of them also have memory, which are the main force to fight infection. The vaccine is to induce adaptive immune response, inducing the body to produce a positive immune response to specific antigens.

Immunodeficiency disease—can it be screened or treated?

The type of immune deficiency are various. In the process of building an immune defense, any link out of the problem, will cause the birth of the immune deficiency. For example, the development of B lymphocytes in the absence of a certain class of antibodies. T lymphocytes of developmental disorders will cause cellular immune deficiency. Therefore, in order to eliminate all the possibilities before the birth of the fetus, the cost will be very high, and there are still many immunodeficiency disease without reliable screening method.

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