What can we do in our life to conserve energy?

Posted by solarenergysg on December 18th, 2015

  1. Save electricity and pay attention to the door. People walk lights off. Use energy-efficient light bulbs. The United States department of energy estimates that only use energy-efficient light bulbs instead of traditional light bulb, can avoid four hundred million tonnes of carbon dioxide is released. Energy-saving lamp had better not short time switch, energy-saving light when the switch is one of the most power-hungry. Can be done without the night do during the day, wash his clothes, and homework done before dark to conserve energy. Early to bed and early to rise is beneficial to health, and environmental protection and energy saving.
  2. Low carbon as far as possible to conserve energy in the kitchen cooking. Cooking oil to produce carcinogens when heated, and cause lampblack pollution bedroom environment. Reduce the Fried cooked dishes, to cook more vegetables. Don't put rice cooker and kettle too full, or spill soup boil, waste of energy, and easy to put out heaven, cause gas leakage. Adjust the flame burning, make its outer shall not exceed the bottom of the pot and, achieve the best effect of heating. If large pot over low heat, flames will only drain the fuel gas around the bottom of the pot.
  3. Save water. Rice washing water is a good detergent, can stay to wash dishes or watering the flowers. The oil pan and clean plates to use first used napkins, wash up water-saving province, but also to use less detergent, reduce water pollution. Wash clothes, you can add a small amount of soap powder, because of the washing powder soap will reduce a lot of bubble, save water and save cleaning time. Catch face and hands with a small basin of water, then pour into the VAT collected. Hand washing, bathing, laundry, wash dishes of water and a clean wash bowl of water, can be collected to wash cloth, mop the floor and flush the toilet.
  4. Energy-saving household appliances use to buy a washing machine, TV, or other electric equipment, choose reliable low consumption energy saving products. TV, computer, need not when to cut off the power supply in time, save electricity and prevent outlet short circuit fire hidden trouble. Turn off the power of the water machine when not in use. Keep it in a state of frost-free to conserve energy.

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