How many steps of implementing ISO 9001 quality management system?

Posted by isocertificationsg on December 18th, 2015

Pass the quality management system in the implementation of multiple factors to consider. For example: the nature of the enterprise, the company's scale, the situation of current quality control, product market demands, and so on. ISO 9001 certification should go through the following steps: a) system diagnosis; b) the standard stable cross; c) the system documentation; d) file to run; e) the internal audit; f) management review; g) via an external audit, access to basic steps such as certificate. Now that is as follows:

(1)   The attention of the top management is the key to the success of certification work. Enterprise managers should have advanced quality consciousness, ISO 9001 quality management system standard is the summary of the multiple management experience of advanced countries, and about the quality of the industry management work has a strong guidance. And top management has always been at the core leading role in certification, top management of this enterprise infrastructure, capital, resources, personnel quality and guarantee of success certification is particularly important. Standard supreme leader role in more places, thus promote the ISO 9001 certification, and the effective operation of system, the role of leadership is critical.

(2)   The detailed investigation, thorough planning and certification work plan is an important part of the system run efficiently. Planning generally includes several aspects.

(3)   Training for the backbone, to ensure the system run efficiently. Now from the implementation of ISO 9001 quality management system in the industry, some companies is not very ideal, derivative, less effective operation. Therefore, to make the ISO 9001 quality management system effectively promote real, should make the employees have a certain quality management ability, it must establish training mechanism.

(4)   Write management handbook and program files: enterprise before start the ISO9001 quality management system should be established quality management to promote team, responsible for the establishment of the quality management system, implementation and certification, etc.

(5)   Effective use monitoring, internal audit and management review, rectify the existing problems, and make corrective/preventive measures to prevent similar things happened or happening again. Throughout the entire standard of ISO 9001 certification from beginning to end a through the PDCA management model to establish a mechanism of continuous improvement.

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