Why Talygen's FSM software is the Best Choice for Your Plant

Posted by John Larson on June 13th, 2021

Wednesday, August 24, 2022 - Grapevine, TX - Using FSM tools can help streamline and automate the service process. The same can be integrated with ERP/EAM systems. Maintenance management processes within the plant are suited to any standard asset management software. However, there is desired information mobility, collaboration, and coordination in geographically dispersed work.

Custom-built FSM software is quickly becoming a popular solution. Talygen's FSM software system offers mobility while integrating effortlessly with the already installed ERP/EAM system. This approach better suites highly distributed operations like transportation, utilities, and mining. Fieldwork is essential for these business models.

The equipment and assets of these organizations are generally located across diverse geographic areas. Therefore, they need efficient and timely condition monitoring, testing, installation, repairs, and inspections. Again, third-party service providers and OEMs desire mobility to deliver domain expertise, specialized services, and point skills to assets and remote customer sites. Advanced software can play a vital role in completing assigned tasks efficiently.

The utilities industry is also a classic example where field services are conducted. Mobility is essential for emergency work, maintenance, inspection, long-cycle and short-cycle projects, and customer appointments. Manual-based documents only make these processes longer. It has become more than important to install advanced solutions in the business to enhance operations and functions.

According to a Talygen spokesperson, "Our web-based field service management software is unique. Our FSM software offers numerous advantages that make it worth the investment. It streamlines activities taking place within the plant. Its scheduling and robust planning abilities offer the ability to adapt to certain changes that occur throughout the day quickly. Therefore, you can avoid wasting time, inefficient activities, cost, and frustration."

For instance, when installing large CNC equipment, precise series of events will be essential. The subcontractor and power pour footings are run by the electrical personnel. During equipment delivery, a technician needs to be present to install it with the power grid. Its basic abilities are then tested. The software specialists get the electronics configured, while the trainers train end users on how the machine needs to be used. Finally, the equipment is ready to support the process.

Field service management solutions are designed to facilitate such task coordination. It is achieved with a dynamic and flexible scheduling engine to manage all scheduling and planning dependencies and variables. Moreover, decisions that were otherwise taken in the manual dispatch environment are now in the software. This advanced system has helped automated the plant and transformed how work is performed.

Using the software, it becomes possible to route and assign field personnel. It is vital since it affects profitability directly and significantly. Crews are allowed to perform several tasks throughout the day with dispatch optimization. It helps reduce drive time, fuel charges, and emissions while increasing productivity. Furthermore, service technicians' travel times can be reduced by about 35%. At the same time, service level compliance can be efficiently maintained.

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