Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Functional Toddler Shoes For Boys

Posted by Lee Gang Hyeok on December 18th, 2015

It is quite difficult to buy shoes for children of any age, but particularly buying functional toddler shoes can be a major challenge. There are several things to be considered while buying such shoes. First of all the shoes should be comfortable, breathable and supportive to aid in the healthy growth of the child’s feet. At the same time, it is also desirable to have shoes that are sturdy and robust enough to cope with the demands of active and inquisitive young boys. Let us look at a check list of things to keep in mind while buying winter collection baby shoes in Korea.

Proper fit

Make sure that you get your child’s feet measured professionally and then fitted. Before you choose the shoes ask your boy to wear them and run around the shoe store and warm up their feet before the measurement is taken. The warmth generated will cause the feet to expand so that the fit and room for growth is measured more accurately. If you are shopping on line you can get some good advice on many websites for free. You will also be able to find some authoritative measuring and fitting guide which will be very useful in avoiding the hassle of trudging from one store to another looking for the right kind of shoes manufactured by a good kid shoes manufacturer in Korea.


The shoe should be such that it offers proper support to the foot, ankle and leg. In this age the child’s body grows at a very fast rate and if they wear shoes which provide poor support it can lead to foot and back problems later in life.


The shoes should be comfortable and should have soft upper material with flexible soles so that the movement of the feet or the muscle development is not restricted. Try to choose styles which have padded linings, especially around the ankle and inner soles which are also padded.


Shoes with uppers made of leather and lining of the same material are the best for hot active feet of children because they allow cool air to enter and the hot and humid air to be eliminated. This creates the best environment for the feet to grow and reduces the risk of bacterial infections and smelly feet. Shoes which have a fabric lining are also good for the feet, but you should avoid shoes which have synthetic uppers and lining as these do not offer the right breathability and the moisture cannot be eliminated.


The sole should be flexible while providing sufficient support which is especially important for first walkers as it will help in the development of the feet and the muscles.


There should be a lot of strap adjustment on toddler shoes so that it is safe and secure on the feet. Make sure that you don’t pull the straps too tight as this will restrict the growth of the feet. Velcro fastenings are the best for toddlers as this makes it easy to wear the shoes and take them off.

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