How Does An Android TV Work?

Posted by tanjnipache on June 13th, 2021

One assurance that technology gives is that it will eventually change. Over the last couple of years, the television industry has seen a lot of improvements. From changing shapes to aspect ratios, to picture quality, a lot has been in the works. The most recent development in this depart is the introduction of an android smart TV.

After Google shut down their Google TV program, they replaced it with 4k android TV; it is meant to make up in places where the Google TV lacked, for instance, the availability of applications. With this, you can easily cast another device, choose a streaming service to watch movies, and so on. It essentially makes your TV run on Android.

If you are interested or have just purchased an Android TV module, this article is ideal for you. However, there is always a user manual present inside that guides you through. Further mentioned are how you can get started with your android smart-TV:

Discovery: Once you have plugged in and started your Android TV, it is rather easy to set up. The first thing you will notice is that the home screen is filled with a stream of rows. The top row begins with a discovery bar that highlights all of the content and popular applications you have been using.

Voice Search:

Right on the top, you will see a microphone icon. This is used for voice search. A google assisted voice search can come in quite handy since it uses the search engine to ensure you find the right results. As a matter of fact, the entire 4k android TV ecosystem can be controlled by voice commands. This makes searching, finding and even streaming content a lot easier when compared to other similar devices.

Applications: You can either use voice commands or get back to the rows you found on the home screen to find applications. The second row shows you a list of common applications that you have been using or might want to. Along with popular apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime, you can also see certain manufacturer's apps.

On the vertical rows, you can also find TV Input options like HDMI 1and HDMI 2. This allows you to switch between input methods a lot easier. Below that, you will see the list of apps you have downloaded on the platform. You can click on any of those to further browse through content.

Gaming: One unique selling factor that makes Android TV the best 4k ultra HD TV is that it allows you to play games on your television set. You can play single-player, multi-player, offline and other online games on this platform. You can also connect your gaming controller wirelessly and have a more wholesome experience with other Android TV users.

These are some of the most basic things you need to understand to start off with your all-new Android TV. Rest assured, in this era of technological advancements, buying the best 4k ultra HD TV is quite a worthwhile investment.

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