Bvlgari ring size comparison table

Posted by Ben on December 18th, 2015

Replica Bvlgari ring size is the use of the European ring size, and the domestic use of Hong Kong and the code is different, the code is to use the 8-23 number to indicate the size of the ring, and the size of the Bvlgari ring is divided into 44-70. If the ring is the Bvlgari ring is 44, the 44 represents the meaning of the ring is the circumference of the 44mm, a more detailed Bvlgari ring size reference table, please refer to the following table.
Ring size control table. The ring is a decorative jewelry worn on the finger. In ancient Rome, the ring is a symbol of the right. However, what is the ring size control table? How to measure it? Ring size table is one of the important reference tools for the purchase of a ring, the following is a table with the size of the ring!
Can use the cord around the finger in a circle, draw the perimeter, find the corresponding rings in the table (port number). Because the finger joints is slightly larger than the ring finger, so not too tight around the line.

bvlgari ring size

Bvlgari ring size comparison table
Method two
To find a thin thread (not a thin thread) or a note, around the base of the finger to wear a ring.
Use a pen to mark the coincidence of a thin wire or paper.
Then measure the length with a ruler, and the size of the ring can be found.

Bvlgari Ring in 18kt White GoldBvlgari Ring in 18kt White Gold with Amethyst Crystal

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