Benefits of Offshore Company Formation Services

Posted by Sterlingoffshore on December 18th, 2015

Incorporating an offshore company or an LLC is an avenue for business owners and corporation to reduce tax, manage risk, protect assets and maintain privacy. Reducing costs, fair treatment, fewer restrictions, access to foreign insurance, etc. are additional perks. However, just like everywhere else in the world, an International Business Company (IBC) needs to conform to the rules and regulation of the country or jurisdiction where they are registered. While it is entirely possible for individuals to form the company by themselves, it requires considerable effort and expenses, including foreign travel and working with foreign government officials. Such efforts often defeat the purpose of the IBC itself.

The best option is to utilize the services of an offshore company formation service, and a number of them offer their clients a wide range of services. These service providers take care of a number of tasks necessary for registering and running a company on foreign shores.

  • Registration: This is the primary product offered by offshore company formation services. They are often customized depending on the order of the client, though some providers do sell actual companies directly.
  • Legal Requirements: Offshore company service providers also take care of the administrative tasks required by law in the registering country. Apart from Registered Address and Registered Agent services, they also file mandatory annual reports and returns and keep and maintain updated records of the company required under law. They also deal with the annual renewal formalities for the owner.
  • Optional Services: Offshore company services also offer a number of optional features that are useful during the formation and in the administration of an IBC. They offer provisions for individual or corporate directors, nominee shareholders, licensing for special companies, etc. Other services include document custody, call receiving and forwarding, mail forwarding and re-mailing, bank account creation, etc.

Offshore company formation services may be specialized, where they focus their efforts on one jurisdiction. Such service providers have an in-depth knowledge of their country’s registration systems. This allows them to complete the groundwork quickly and cost-effectively. On the other hand, if you need a multi-jurisdiction based service, they may not be able to assist you. In such a scenario, a multi or universal service provider can work out the details. Such providers are usually based in major cities around the world. While some of them maintain a presence in tax havens, most of them outsource their work to an onsite specialized service provider. Universal providers usually cost more, but their strength lies in the ability to provide solutions tocomplex problems.

The best service providers will always be upfront with their promises and restrictions. They never mislead their clients and are competent in their work. They deliver professional and prompt services and are ready to provide any explanation as required.

About the Company:

Sterling is a leading licensed and regulated corporate, trust, fiduciary and fund services provider delivering specialised solutions for a global clientele of international corporations, institutional investors, high net worth individuals and families as well as their intermediaries. Whether an end user of our services or an intermediary, Sterling provides an efficient, personalized approach to ensure smooth, efficient delivery of services that meets the requirements of each client.

Sterling establishes, manages and administers offshore companies and international companies, offshore trusts, private foundations and funds utilized in various structures for an international clientele spanning over 80 countries.  These entities combined with Sterling's supporting services allow us to provide a number of different solutions designed to achieve specific objectives of our clients.  These objectives broadly include asset protection, international investment, tax optimization and foreign market entry.

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