Sleeping Disorders causes and treatments

Posted by rohny on December 18th, 2015

Sleeping Disorders causes and treatments

Ever wondered why it takes you hours to doze off? You constantly keep switching sides, getting up at 2 in the morning for a glass of water, anything to get that sleep to take over you. But it just does not come. You may be a victim of a sleeping disorder.

Sleeping disorders are disorders which regularly prevent a person from sleeping at the normal sleeping time. They are also known as somnipathy. If you constantly stay up at night and cannot get yourself to sleep then you might have a disorder. However, if it is just an occasional disruption then it is not classified as a Somnipathy. Some disorders end up affecting the person physically while some have a mental and emotional effect on the person.

There are many types of sleeping disorders ( ) which tend to keep people up all night. Some are very mild which can be resolved on our own with a little help, while some have serious neurological reasons. One of the common effects they have on every person is that the person is not able to rest properly. He is always tired as the struggle to sleep never makes his mind and body shut down. Our body and mind need rest everyday so that they will grow and repair the cells and tissues while sleeping. If you challenge yourself to stay up, you will be able to go without sleep for days on end, but your body will start experiencing side effects like confusion and dazedness, as well as hampering in cognitive functioning.

Some people are unable to sleep properly because of recurring nightmares. This is called sleep terror which makes the person feel strong fear because of abrupt disruptions in sleep. The person also becomes disturbed and depressed. They become edgy and paranoid which ends up making them feel alone and isolated. Most of the time people also cannot recall their nightmares due to their disoriented state.

Snoring, wheezing and gasping can also make one unable to sleep properly. This also makes it uncomfortable for your partner to sleep with you. This is known as Apnea sleep disorder. It is about respiratory issues which makes it problematic to sleep for longer hours. Shallow breathing results in low levels of oxygen in the blood stream which makes the heart beat faster for the body to get enough oxygen. There are many cures for snoring like sleeping on your side or raising your head to reduce the excess weight and free your airway to make it easier to breath.

Parasomnia is a movement disorder which makes your body unable to shut down as it either moves or does not move at all. Movement can be sleepwalking, teeth grinding, wetting your bed, talking in your sleep and lashing out when one gets nightmares.  Meanwhile, sleep paralysis is when your body freezes while your mind is conscious.

Stress and anxiety is a major contributor to inconsistent sleep. There are many ways to reduce stress, for example, doing exercise and yoga as well as meditating to relax your body. Waking up early to view the sunrise will also have a positive effect on your body and mind. Also, avoid taking fizzy drinks and caffeine before going to bed as well as taking sleeping pills and sedatives which can make your sleeping pattern worse. Make the environment in which you sleep in pleasant, make sure that it is not too dark or too bright.  And if your sleep pattern still does not become better, do not be afraid to consult a doctor to help you out.

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