The Benefits of Using Light Weight Deflectometer with Bluetooth Technology

Posted by Frank Georg Schulz on December 18th, 2015

Light weight deflectometers are gaining more widespread acceptance as a soil compaction testing device for various types of earthworks, engineering, design, and construction projects. Designed for accurate testing, these devices help construction professionals evaluate the strength and suitability of ground surfaces to ensure that they have the properties required for the application at hand. Light weight deflectometers generate measurements to the highest degree of accuracy, making sure that pavements and ground surfaces have the ideal structural capacity for the design and purpose of the overall project. Today's light weight deflectometers incorporate new technology, helping users gather data more quickly, thus streamlining the design process. 

New light weight deflectometer devices are equipped with advanced features to make soil testing a lot easier for users. Bluetooth technology, for instance, not only makes data transfer faster and easier, but it also eliminates the need for a long set-up process. Old deflectometer devices required bulky computer devices to aid in the testing process. Today, light weight deflectometers allow for wireless data transfer, which makes analysis and evaluation through networked computers, tablet devices, and even smartphones a lot easier. 

Light weight deflectometers with Bluetooth capacity allow for this kind of freedom in the field. Thanks to the advanced technology, more updated units even feature custom designed PC programs and applications that allow easier communication and greater interoperability between the device and computer units. This makes for easier analysis of data collected along with faster reporting and accurate documentation, particularly during onsite work. 

Wireless technology allows for greater mobility, as opposed to wired devices, which not only limits movement and accessibility of testing surfaces, but also hampers overall productivity during testing sessions. Light weight deflectometers with Bluetooth technology enables remote operation and convenient on-the-fly evaluations. 

Wireless transfer of test measurements and results means faster processing of data. Data from on-site measurements can be transmitted to different devices with just a press of a button. Specialized computer programs on the other hand, make documentation analysis, and reporting possible on-demand as the device communicates efficiently with different types of Bluetooth devices. 

There are even more advanced light weight deflectometer models equipped with other convenience features like voice navigation. This enables seamless and easy compaction testing. Voice navigation allows even the most novice users (including first-time users) to handle the device proficiently and maximize its advantages. It also eliminates the need for long learning curves and extensive training for new users. 

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TERRATEST GmbH is world leader in development and manufacturing of Light Weight Deflectometers for dynamic load plate test. They offer the world’s first light weight deflectometer “TERRATEST 5000 BLU” with Bluetooth and voice navigation. For more information about their products visit their website!

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