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Posted by GeorgeVelvet on December 18th, 2015

No kitchen can function properly without kitchen worktops (or countertops). This is a platform where the preparation for cooking is done and it makes life easy for the person who is doing the cooking. You can use your countertop for cutting and peeling vegetables and processing meat and also use the platform for keeping pots and pans straight from the oven. Anyone who loves to cook should have a countertop because they will get more pleasure cooking. For those who want a unique looking countertop, they should consider granite worktops.

Granite is a natural material and it available in abundance. Large chunks of granite are mined and then cut into slabs for use in different ways. In the domain of kitchen worktops, granite is one of the more popular materials because it is unique. No slab of granite is exactly similar to another slab of granite and this makes every granite countertop different from another one. The difference may not be large in all the cases, but when you look closely, you will surely come across some differences in colour and pattern and so on. This is one of the top reasons for you to invest in granite countertops.

It is important to tell you that granite countertops are not meant for everyone. Granite could be more expensive than any other material that is used in making countertops – we are talking wood, stainless steel and quartz here. For instance, for kitchen worktops with dimensions 2500x650x30, the cost of using granite as the worktop material is in the range of £325 to £350. This is not a small amount at all. You could get wood or steel worktops at much lower prices. But then, granite has a vanity element to it and this is the reason people are willing to spend that extra amount for granite worktops. And it is also important to tell you that for an Arcadia or Blanco Paloma Quartz countertop of the same size, you could end up spending in excess of £400. So, granite does make sense.

Granite worktops also have other benefits (which makes sense because you will be spending extra money on a granite countertop). Granite is a tough material and this makes it extremely durable. You install one of the top granite kitchen countertops and it will last you for years. To ensure the longevity of your granite countertop, all you need to do is to get the sealing done once a year. Some will tell you that sealing once in three years is good enough, but since it is not much of a hassle, once a year makes a lot of sense and maintains the health of your granite countertop.

To install one of the granite worktops, you need expert assistance. This is because granite is extremely heavy and also requires special cutting, something that you will not be able to do. But once you have one of those kitchen worktops made of granite, you will fall in love with your kitchen again.

The best kitchen worktops can be made of different materials. If you want to add grandeur to your kitchen, then it makes sense to invest in granite worktops.

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