Wood worktops for timeless beauty or Corian worktops for easy maintenance

Posted by alisonreid29 on December 19th, 2015

A number of households are using Corian as their preferred material for creating seamless kitchen worktops. So, isn’t wood worktops that popular anymore? Now, the confusion begins; would you go for the more popular Corian worktops to avoid the hassles of frequent maintenance sessions? Or, do you want your kitchen to create an impression among your guests? Wood is a great choice if you want to give a cosy and warm feel to your kitchen. If you would rather go for a functional yet elegant worktop then we recommend using Corian kitchen worktops. You can compare both and see which stands true to your test of usage and durability.

Material used

In case of wood worktops, solid hardwood is the only material that is used to bring about the variations. You can get both kitchen and bathrooms worktops done with wood. Apart from wood of there is any original solid surface material that has been used for decades, it is Corian. Corian worktops are ideal for kitchens with high usage. It was first created by a team of scientists at DuPoint in the year 1967. The most important component used for making Corian is bauxite ore.

Choices available

Corian worktops are available in three thickness choices and a number of colour and style variants such as private collection, terra collection, illumination and metallica series, Martha Stewart living collection and the most recent DeepColor technology. In case of wood worktops you will get a limited choice from 10 variants with difference in grain and colour as only solid hardwood is used to create the worktops. You can also get variants in thickness for wood.

Comparative benefits

While Corian is by nature non-porous, seamless, stain and heat resistant, repairable and flexible to heat, wood needs greater care and is sensitive to scratch. But with wood worktops you get a natural look for your kitchen which is what Corian lacks to some extent. Wood worktops in cold or humid conditions will require more efforts at maintaining them.

Costs associated with installing and maintenance

As is evident from what we have discussed above, wood requires greater costs for both installation and maintenance. In the days following installation, wood will demand more attention. You will need to give it an extra coating of work-surface sealant to avoid it from getting warped or dried. In case of Corian, it follows a simple care and maintenance routine, hence the costs come down proportionately.

It is clear that wood worktops have lesser choices and higher costs but if you take a look at their images and compare, then the timeless beauty of solid hardwood worktop will hardly find an equal match. On the other hand, if cost-effective and functional Corian worktops appeal more to you then you can go for one of the several varieties that are available. Corian kitchen worktops come with a good number of years’ warranty from the manufacturers and a quality certification from DuPoint Quality Network. On the other hand, a care kit is available with wood-based worktops along with useful information about their care and maintenance.

Compare the benefits and costs of wood worktops and corian worktops to decide what kind of kitchen worktop you want.

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