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Posted by johnpreston on December 20th, 2015

Undoubtedly, Mexico is a place known for providing best medical treatment to people world-wide. However, if it’s about Spine surgery, a major surgical treatment and usually the last option for most surgeons just because of the complexity and risks it carries. In fact, even a minor mistake or accident may lead to permanent paralysis of the body depending on the affected nerves in the spine. For making it performed well, you must approach proficient professionals for spine surgery in Mexico.

At the initial stage, surgeons recommend alternative treatments like medication and physical therapy but when left with no other choices, they advise to go for spine surgery. Well, there are certain orthopaedic conditions which require spinal surgery to be carried out like herniated disc, foraminotomy, Spinal fusion, and artificial lumbar disc replacement.

Make a note, herniated disc occurs when one of the spinal discs in the vertebrae slips or ruptures causing the soft disc materials to flow out of the disc. However, if the disc flows out, the movement and material can pinch on the surrounding nerves causing pain and numbness. And Discectomy needs to be performed for removing this herniated disc that is pinching onto the nerve. Thankfully, a modern evolution is the microdiscectomy which use high definition microscope to see better and is minimally invasive and ultimately reducing the risk during surgical treatment.

Foraminotomy is performed to relieve pressure from an affected nerve in the spine. This spinal problem is caused either by bone fragments, scar tissues or excess ligament development in the spinal area causing it to press against the spine and cause pain and numbness. Such kind of surgical procedure will open up the back where nerve roots leave the spine canal and reduce chances of pinching.
For a surgery called spinal fusion, 2 or more vertebrae are joined together to prevent excessive movement which may pinch onto the nerves. It will prevent surrounding soft tissues from stretching. The concerned process is based on the same logic of “if it does not move, it doesn’t hurt”. When it’s the case of artificial lumbar disc replacement, this process is a new surgical process that uses man-made biomaterials to replace the affected intervertebral disc. It is to note that spinal disc is meant to cushion the shock and distribute it evenly. To get your surgery done well, you need to check out the availability of best hospitals in Mexico where highly talented doctors are available to render much needed assistance.

So, find a great spine surgeon in Mexico and get relieved from your spinal injuries soon!

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