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Posted by Recruitment Smart on June 14th, 2021

With such a vast number of professionals available at the disposal looking for one opportunity, finding the right talent can be grueling for the companies. It is imperative for a business it finds the right set of talented people offering the same kind of value it is aiming to deliver to its client. A global technology leader wanted a recruitment solution to match the best candidates against a given job profile. And then evaluate and screen them on merit. Using technology-driven assistance, the company wanted to build a process for Internal Talent Mobilization for its existing employees and pre-screening external candidates.
The AI-driven intervention with Sniper AI and Chatbot
Striving to offer deep value to the clients, Recruitment Smart offered one-on-one sessions to help technology leaders identify critical skills required from its employees and create an active pipeline of applicants to hire when needed. Recruitment Smart provided its flagship AI-driven tool, Sniper AI, to the client.
  • Understanding the client’s requirement
The technology leader wanted assurance that only the most skilled individuals are hired to join their team and stay longer. For the client, Recruitment Smart carried down a complete re-engineering to implement standardized criteria for candidate evaluation across roles and geographies. While doing so, professionals at Recruitment Smart ensured provisioning for the varying business roles to hire qualified applicants exhibiting the required expertise, fulfilling the client’s requirement of niche recruitment.
As Sniper AI already has had partnerships with all leading Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), it integrated seamlessly with the client’s existing ATS, SAP SF. After understanding the requirements of the given job profiles, professionals at Recruitment Smart fed Sniper AI with relevant inputs.
  • Sniper AI for Equitable Hiring
Sniper AI masked the name and identity of the candidate, introducing an Equitable hiring approach, which automatically assessed the professional’s attributes through its application without any prejudice. The platform evaluated a candidate’s attributes, such as work experience, skills, and qualifications, and compared them to qualitative factors, like the length of service, employer noteworthiness, geographical locations, and more. These factors were calibrated using proprietary machine learning (ML) technology, allowing the entire system to learn to weigh and score each unique factor.
In addition, Sniper AI randomly assigned work samples to different reviewers depending on the roles for which the applicant (either external candidate for hiring or existing employee for mobilization) had applied. It calculated averaged scores for each applicant, displaying real-time status on the dashboard. The platform displayed the best candidates with the highest scores at the top. The top few professionals were selected and issued offer letters.
  • Chatbot Assistance for streamlining the recruitment
Further, Recruitment Smart offered chatbot-enabled Digital Assistance to pre-screen external candidates and select the best-suited existing employees for Internal Mobilization. The conversational chatbot engaged with candidates and guided them to upload the CV or list of personal attributes in the desired format. Candidates could chat with the AI-chatbot from any channel with questions and replies customised as per the business rule.
For the technology leader, Recruitment Smart offered Sniper AI with customised configuration to match the client’s requirements. Sniper AI was able to match the applicants’ resumes as per the given job specifications, helping the client to find a perfect fit at blinding speed. Within 3 months, Sniper AI achieved stunning accuracy of over 97%. The recruitment and screening processes were further streamlined with the implementation of the chatbot. Both interventions enabled the client to select candidates for certain roles according to merit without exhibiting any prejudice. Hence, the technology leader could conduct Equitable hiring with external candidates and their existing talent pool to carry out Internal Talent Mobilization.
As chatbot and Sniper AI conducted interviews and initial screening via completely automated steps, it saved countless working hours for the client, leading to a significant reduction in time-to-hire and the cost to hire by 20%. Streamlining the recruitment process also helped in threefold (3x) improvement in the conversion ratio. Currently, the client has over 250 recruiters who are using the solution offered by Recruitment Smart to hire over 18,000 employees on an annual basis across the globe.
Delivering Value
Since its launch, Recruitment Smart has always aimed to bring disruptive technology to the recruitment industry. We have been able to deliver three-fold ROI on an average to over 20 of our major clients in the first year of our service offerings. Additionally, our AI-driven solutions have provided other intangible benefits such as improving diversity, implementing and understanding nationality distributions, bias reduction, and Talent Analytics.
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