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Posted by Elite Internet Technologies on December 21st, 2015

In these days of instant hip-hop groups, Easy Bake techno music, and instantly forgettable people with hairstyles in music videos, music fans are having a hard time listening to actual music. It’s one of the strange facts of the music industry that it’s the real individuals that drive modern music.
You could be forgiven for thinking otherwise. The endless surge of cookie cutter music products, whether they’re boy bands or cutesy-cutesy two word “female artists” is virtually unavoidable in the media. Ironically, it’s the people who actually sell, whose fans can’t get enough of their music, who actually deliver for the industry. Adele’s recent album is a case in point, and there are many other examples of real music beating packaged trash.
Having said which – It’s not easy being a real artist. Working with your own material, trying to establish an artistic presence, and simply getting things done are a lot tougher if you’re not a cookie cutter product. It’s like the industry really doesn’t know what to do with actual talent.
That hasn’t stopped some people. Younger artists are doing it the hard way, but they are having an impact. The current generation of musical individualists isn’t making many compromises in the process, either, much to their credit. With a bit of support from friends and a lot of obvious determination, they’re making their own way.
A case in point is a new Los Angeles music artist called Natalie Roth. Roth is actually a multimedia artist, as well is a musician/songwriter. She started in movies as a kid, and branched out into music. She is, in fact, a bona fide multimedia artist. She also started by doing some really difficult subjects for her songs, notably Daddy, a song about the effects of divorce on kids and Israel, a song for peace. Not exactly your average bit of pop dreck.
The question is whether or not the music industry actually recognizes relevance when it sees it. One good song will beat any number of sloppy, repetitive bits of musical LEGO any day of the week. With any luck, Roth and her generational get the industry out of its coma. For more information and to see her stuff for yourself, visit her website here at http://natalieroth.net/ .

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