How Generation Y Is Finding Its Own Music

Posted by Elite Internet Technologies on December 21st, 2015

One of the least understood issues in music is based on the simple fact that generational musical tastes differ so much. The music industry in its infinite wisdom is producing a lot of music like rap, Techno and hip-hop, which are really the music of Generation X. 30 years ago, it was brand-new. Now, it’s just old, stale, and tired.
Generation Y has dealt with this problem by finding its own music online and elsewhere. Modern music fans listen to practically everything. Many are game soundtrack fans, for example, listening to a very eclectic mix of classical, folk, and just plain innovative new music. Others listen to singer/songwriters like Adele, virtual mountains of pure talent.
The bottom line here is that Generation Y has moved off the map in terms of standard industry demography. It’s a matter of opinion whether or not the industry will ever be able to find this audience again, but the smart money is saying that it won’t.
An interesting example of the “We’re doing something else now” musical motif is a lady called Natalie Roth. Roth doesn’t even fit a particular musical category. Some people call her music “World Pop”, mainly because of her Israeli musical roots. Others call her an “upcoming Los Angeles music artist”, overlooking the fact that she is actually a multimedia artist.
Roth’s major, and quite legitimate, claim to fame is that she is a singer/songwriter. Her nearest musical relatives are Emo music, classic pop, and add a touch of unique songwriter to that mix. She doesn’t deal with the easy subjects, and she obviously doesn’t do much in the way of “cute” songs if she doesn’t feel like it.
Her song Daddy, for example, is about the effect on kids of divorce. Not exactly a singalong, and a surprisingly penetrant look at a very tough subject. Another song of hers is called Israel, which is a song for peace written in the middle of one of the more terrifying interludes in that region.
If you’re getting the impression that Generation Y is getting solve out of the hole that formula music has created, you’re quite right. For more information and to see some of Roth’s work for yourself, visit her website here at

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