Ok, So How Do You Define ?World Pop? Music?

Posted by Elite Internet Technologies on December 21st, 2015

The expression “world pop” is probably the laziest description of a whole class of music which you could ever wish to see. World pop includes a combination of international music, hybrid musical styles, and are a lot of real individual singer/songwriters working in different genres.
As a matter of fact, this is actually a very interesting and extremely diverse range of music which is being almost slandered by such a simplistic expression. However – The irony is that actual “world pop”, a sort of crossover style pioneered by the original “world music” artists, is now happening. Whether it’s J-pop, Chinese pop, Indian pop, African, jazz, soundtrack-classical, nightcore, dub step, or one of those interestingly desperate attempts of American artists to play actual music instead of formula garbage, world pop is now an international style.
It’s probably just as well. There is no doubt whatsoever that old-style pop is well past its expiry date. When you bear in mind that rap music is now nearly 40 years old, something had to change.
The result, interestingly, has been a surge in new artists with new songs and new ideas. World pop is justifying its existence by throwing up a virtual mountain range of highly diversified musical talents and an audience with very broad bandwidth tastes. A case in point is a Los Angeles music artist/singer-songwriter called Natalie Roth. Roth’s music is a real mix of hybrid styles, like Israeli music, Emo, and even some country-flavored styles.
Roth’s music, in fact, is a pretty good map of the very high octane hybrid styles which are now penetrating even the mainstream market. Her single Daddy, a song about divorce, stands next to a song called Israel, a song about world peace. The musical style varies considerably from song to song, and it’s fair to say that Roth has never gone anywhere near the cookie cutter mode of many old-style artists.
To check out her work for yourself, visit her website here at www.natalieroth.net and take a little time to browse her bio. Looks like the new generation of musicians can stand on their own two feet, doesn’t it?

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