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Posted by Progenexau on December 21st, 2015

After a rigorous exercise regime, you tend to feel low and begin to lose your energy and desperately require nutritional supplement at once. Their optimum product progenex is special nutritional supplement that contains protein for weightlifters, cross fitters, cyclers and for those who are engaged in high intensity endurance sports. This recovery supplement is made as pre workout and post workout supplement. After tiresome sports or workout, your body needs to  get away with the hangover and recover at once to train again soon. Progenex helps your body to rejuvenate and get back to the normal stature. Our pure and natural whey and   salmon protein is an ideal sports supplement which consists 100% natural ingredients. The range of products available includes Progenex Recovery , Progenex More Muscle, Progenex Cocoon, Progenex Build, Progenex Flow, Progenex Force and Progenex Omega- all made for building stamina and for fast recovery.

If you intend to buy it , you won’t find it in the store and you have to buy it online only .They will deliver the supplement at a reasonable price. If you are interested in stocking or reselling Progenex in your gym, you can join them on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/progenexanz or Instagram at www.instagram.com/progenexanz. You can also send your query or contact them on info@progenex.co.au. Progenex ANZ arranges delivery of their product in Australia and Newzealand.They manage to send your orders either on the same day or next business day. As soon as your product is dispatched, you will get an email and if the delivery is delayed due to low stock, they will certainly inform you. They have fixed fees across Australia and it will be delivered through Australia Post or Courier. They assure the best quality of their product at the time of dispatch. However, if there is any damage occurred during transit, you can contact them within two working days of receipt of medicines and they will discuss the situation.

Out of a complete range of nutritional supplement, you have to choose which recovery supplement will suit you better. They recommend to take Progenex Recovery protein supplement shake 15 after meal. It is ideal to take protein carbo and then consume Progenex Recovery thereafter. You can always blend your protein supplement with yogurt or fruit to make more enjoyable shake. If you are interested in gaining muscle and losing fat, you should take two scoops of Progenex More Muscle in the morning and also during the day as meal replacement. Progenex Flow can also be taken as meal replacement. After workout you should take Progenex Recovery for getting better result. Cross Fit Recovery is one of the most important phenomenons for those involved in this sport. Cross Fit Supplements are made to regain the lost vigor and confidence.

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