What are electronic cigarettes and how it is better from the tobacco cigarettes?

Posted by Jessica Rose on December 21st, 2015

Electronic cigarettes are known as a battery powered vaporizer which simulates the feeling of smoking. These electronic cigarettes just look like same as the real cigarettes. Its vapor is as similar to the cloud you have seen in the rock shows. All types of electronic cigarettes are same and work in a same way to give a certain amount of relaxation to the people. In electronic cigarettes inside there is a battery, a heating element, and cartridge that is responsible for holding the nicotine and other liquids and flavors. Some of the cigarettes are disposable and in some cigarettes you have an attached battery and refillable cartridges.

Electronic cigarettes are these are very popular and are used by plenty of people, using these electronic cigarettes is called vaping. It is also known as smokeless cigarettes, e-cig, etc. The manufacturers design the electronic cigarettes to like same as the normal cigarettes, but the benefits of these electronic cigarettes is that they do not contain tobacco and don’t require any matchstick to burn the cigarettes. It is all the automatic and electronic process.

In the research, it is said that electronic cigarettes are healthier than the normal cigarettes. People who inhale these electronic cigarettes say that it help them to reduce their smoker cough, improved their sleep and also help them in making their sense strong and sharpen. These days’ people are more concern about their safety, so they are using these electronic cigarettes that are not harmful.

Electronic cigarettes have three main parts:

•   A cartridge

•   Rechargeable battery

•   A vaporization chamber.

With the help of these parts the electronic cigarettes is generated. The battery help to charge the cigarettes same way as you charge your cell phone. This is connected with the vaporization chamber that contains an electronic control that is further responsible for creating the vapor. Electronic cigarettes are much in demand and are available in the UK market. You can also order these cigarettes online, where you can get a number of varieties of electronic cigarettes with different features. If you are living in the UK and want to purchase the electronic cigarette, then you can purchase it from best e cig online store UK for getting the best services from the online store and in much affordable price.

Comparison between tobacco cigarettes and electronic cigarettes

The cigarette smoking is strictly prohibited in most of the country, as it is not safe for health. But with the advanced technology, electronic cigarettes are created by the manufacturers which are healthier and less dangerous than the normal cigarettes. Preferring normal cigarettes people may cause to serious illness like cancer etc. because of the chemical and tobacco they include. If you are a smoker and want to smoke by living a healthier live then, you can prefer electronic cigarettes that are not at all dangerous and do not contain any harmful chemical. These electronic cigarettes are much cheaper than the normal cigarettes and are not at all harmful for you to consume.

Stop using normal cigarettes and use electronic cigarettes!


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