Promotional Stress Balls ? The New Black In Merchandising? You?ll Be Surprised

Posted by Elite Internet Technologies on December 21st, 2015

One of the major problems in merchandising is coming up with good, cost-effective promotional items. Anybody who has ever had to wade through the staggeringly banal, boring range of mainstream overpriced promo stuff will tell you it’s a pretty frustrating process.
One of the problems is that when you’re using things like promotional stationary, things with letterheads and logos on them, and other typical promo merchandise, people don’t particularly want these things. There is such a thing as a resistance level, and unless you actually need a pen or something to write on, these instantly forgettable things become instant clutter. They simply don’t do the promotional job very well.
Enter the promotional stress balls. There’s quite a lot of perfectly good psychology and marketing theory behind using stress balls as promotional items, but the fact is that people like them. A stress ball will be used; it’s fun to have and to play with, and the promotional product is always visible.
Ironically, promotional stress balls first into the same general category as much more expensive promotional items like carry bags, and other high-end promo merchandise, mainly because they are useful. Also very much the point – Many major corporations in the US use promotional stress balls as a routine part of their promotional inventory.
If you’re wondering where to source promotional stress balls, you’ll be pleased to know that there is a company called Promo Stress, which is an instant online custom service for any kind of promotional stress ball you need. These guys do just about everything you can think of in terms of personalized stress ball promotional items for what must be one of the most diverse client bases in the country. Their clients include insurers, pharmaceutical companies, community blood donation drives, and just about everything you would expect to see in a phone directory.
For more information, and to see all their products and services for yourself, visit their website here at You’ll be pleased to know that they run a very efficient operation; no fuss, no bother and no guesswork about prices. Just give them a call.

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