Infrastructure model for new age companies looking to attract project finance WA

Posted by tedmark on December 21st, 2015

Infrastructure model is what companies operating in infrastructure sector would require for financial modelling in transportation, renewable energy, water, power, and social initiatives. Project finance WA is a part of the services offered by your consultant for financial and commercial activities. According to the latest budget, the government of Australia has committed no less than fifty billion AUD in order to increase opportunities for infrastructure developments that enhance productivity. This is according to the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development. If you take a look at the website of National Infrastructure Construction Schedule you will realize that the government is looking for huge public-private partnerships in their future projects. If your organization is a part of this industry, the growth opportunities are tremendous for which you need to be ready with your numbers.

Different perspectives for creating infrastructure model – which one suits your field of work?

Modelling of a company’s infrastructure financing requirements is also an important strategic activity. Resource allocation, profitability projections and project financing are activities that require assistance of experts. Optimum utilization of resources for maximization of profit is what companies in all sector aim at achieving. On the other hand, financial and commercial modelling of infrastructure companies are also another part of creating an infrastructure model. There are a number of activities under financial and commercial modelling for companies functioning under infrastructure projects.

Categories of infrastructure for financial modelling

Under transportation, companies serving roads, light rail, passenger rail, bulk rail, sea ports, airports and shared transportation come in scope of creating financial and commercial modelling. Similarly, renewable energy sector can make use of infrastructure model for solar PV, solar CSP, wind, geothermal, waste to energy, captive plants for mines etc. Water-based project finance WA can be effective for companies serving waste water management, water distribution, and desalination. Power sector is inclusive of captive, CCGT and coal plants and distribution facilities. If your organization specializes in social projects like hospitals, schools, prisons, telecommunication, higher education institutes and industrial cities, you will find extensive usage for financial modelling as well.

Services you can expect other than project finance WA

Finding financers and investors for projects is the positive result of efforts that include a number of activities under infrastructure model creation such as contractual mitigation, risk assessment, financial modelling, due diligence, cash reconciliation, commercial analysis, model reviews and audits, financial analysis and appraisal of investments etc. In some cases you can also avail commercial assessment and analysis of mergers and divestments.

Government project finance WA is one of the most desired objectives of companies operating under infrastructure sector. As mentioned above NICS offers updated information about projects. Your financial consultant will also keep an eye on all necessary sources of information including initiatives by the Australian government so that you don’t miss out on an opportunity. Infrastructure model creation is an important step towards getting noticed by those who matter. The growing economy of the country has enough space for infrastructure development. If you have the technology and expertise, then your company can move towards the right direction towards a prosperous future.

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