Top Reasons Why Your Garage Door Cannot Open Or Close

Posted by rockmartin on June 14th, 2021

Because it is the most commonly used exit and entrance in most houses, the garage door in Lexington Ky is homes sure to wear and tear with time. As a result, your garage door will undoubtedly malfunction from time to time. Door jamming is one of the most typical issues you might have encountered.

When the garage door fails to fully open or does not actually close, the cause could be a variety of factors. It is advisable to learn about the most prevalent causes of this issue and whether or not it needs the help of a specialist in Garage Door Lexington Ky. The five most common causes why the garage door will not open or close are listed below:

1. The Photo Eye On The Garage Door Is Blocked

A photo eye is installed on most contemporary garage doors to identify whether an item or a human is blocking the door's movement. The photo-eye is usually about 4-5 inches above the ground level. The sensor emits a laser beam all across length of the gate; if the beam is broken, the signal for raising or lowering the door is lost.

Check to see if the sensor's cable is broken or destroyed; a leak or downpour can sometimes harm the photo eye. Cleansing the photo-eye with a paper can occasionally solve this problem, as dust and grime can block the eye and interrupt the beam.

2. Torsion Springs On Garage Door Are Broken

Due to the tremendous weight of the garage door, the torsion springs are usually under a lot of tension. A torsion springs can indeed be fairly loud when it breaks, sounding like gunshots or a firecracker. Garage door springs are graded by the number of cycles they have completed, and they will most likely be the first component of the garage door to fail.

If your torsion spring is broken, your door will remain closed and will not react to the activation of your remote or wall button. When the springs are damaged, do not try to open the door physically since it is extremely risky. The task of garage door spring replacement should be left entirely in the hands of highly qualified specialists in Garage Door Lexington Ky.

3. There Is A Problem With Your Garage Remote Control.

It is possible that a faulty remote control is the cause of your garage door not opening. If your garage door does not seem to be triggered by your remote, there are a few things to look at. Check to see if you are in reach, or whether the remote control transmitter is broken or blocked. Next, try opening the door with the switch; if it works, a simple battery change may be all that is required. Also, try reprogramming your remote; if that does not work, there could be an issue with the controller itself.

4.The Door Is Going Off The Track

Off-track garage doors are common, particularly with extra-heavy metallic doors. If the door is off track, it will not slide easily or will become caught in a skewed position in the tracks. Look for lumps, gaps, impediments, or curves in the path. Watch and observe as the door slides open and close, noting any areas of friction or squeaks.

Examine why the door is losing momentum and see if you can locate the mismatched track part. You can correct the problem by releasing the screws that hold the rail to the framework and tapping the track back into place with a rubber mallet. When you are done, tighten the nuts.

In Conclusion

Check the above-mentioned places if your garage door will not open or close; odds are, one of them is the problem. If all of the aforementioned areas have been fixed but your door still will not open, you must have it checked by a garage door repair professional. Most of all, it is a good idea to schedule routine garage door repair to avoid unexpected problems.

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