Why Repairing Garage Door Springs Is Best Left In The Hands Of An Expert

Posted by rockmartin on June 14th, 2021

When one pulls their car into the When one pulls their car into the road after a long day and discovers that their home's warmth and comfort are only seconds away, they feel safe.road after a long day and discovers that their home's warmth and comfort are only seconds away, they feel safe. Sadly, these sensations can vanish in an instant when the garage door refuses to open – and further investigation shows that the source of this renewed tension and irritation is a damaged garage door spring, which must be repaired before the door can be used once more.

Garage Door Springs Lexington Ky are essential for a door's smooth and continuous functioning, whether it's opened and closed manually or with the help of a keyless entry opener. A damaged garage door spring, on the other side, is not only annoying; it could also lead to a number of other security or repair issues:

-          Door jams or goes off track

-          Tracking might twist or bend

-          Door falls heavy without resistance

–        can significantly damage panels

-          Damage to other door system parts (cables, springs, wheels)

-          Door weight moves unevenly, needs substantial re-balancing/repairs

-          An excessive amount of strain is exerted on automatic door openers - There is a risk of harm to cars or other garage items in the vicinity of the door - Concerns of personal damage for relatives and pets

When there are evident signs that a garage door spring is damaged, it is critical that any major repairs be handled as quickly as possible to reduce overall annoyance and eliminate potential safety concerns for the homeowner and their families.

But, more crucially, this is not a project for the do-it-yourselfer. Garage Door Springs Lexington Ky are under a lot of tension to counteract the real weight of the door, so any maintenance or repairs must only be done by skilled professionals.

Torsion-Style And Extension-Style Garage Door Springs: What is The Distinction?

As previously stated, Garage Door Springs Lexington Ky serve as a counterbalance to keep the door balanced as it opens and closes. This is similar to the massive stone or poured bricks that were historically used to raise and lower lift structures or suspension bridges to enable boats to pass through a waterway. Consider the repair work that would be required if one of these counterweights had ever fallen to the ground from a great height – and consider the damage that a garage door would suffer if a spring failed.

Imagine what it would take to lift the comparable weight of a garage door without any help to understand the amount of stress in garage door springs (either human or mechanical). If a garage door weights 50 kilos, a person must deadlift that weight using solely their physical ability and muscles — and this must be done repeatedly.

There are two basic kinds of garage door springs, which can be distinguished by their appearance and location in respect to the door:

Springs Torsion

-          Spring is attached to a metal rod/shaft that runs above/across the top of the door.

-          Rod/shaft normally passes through the springs, but it can also be housed.

-          Spring can be positioned in the middle of the rod/shaft.

Extension Springs

- Extension springs are located along the edges of the door or above the vertical tracking. - Home doors feature two extension springs (one on each side).

Even though both kinds of garage door springs can fail and need to be repaired or replaced, torsion model springs have been recognized to be more resilient, longer-lasting, and less dangerous/damaging in the case of a break. Torsion springs have been expected to last up to twice as long as extension springs under regular usage circumstances.

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