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Posted by Elite Internet Technologies on December 21st, 2015

LA is the home of all types of camera-based work, from paparazzi to studio and highly creative photographic innovation. It can also be a pretty irritating place to try to find what you want, when you’re looking for top quality gear.
The problem is the sheer size of the city, and the sheer number of suppliers. You may get lucky and find a good supplier, or, more likely, have to scour the city to find what you want. Online searching can be equally frustrating.
The other issue, of course, is prices. You can get good prices, or find yourself shelling out for anything and everything, at market prices. Then there’s those wonderful issues finding lenses, etc. It’s enough to make your wallet try to escape.
The solution? Rent your gear! This is a very simple way of accessing top quality cameras and accessories whenever you want. You can get exactly what you want, and not pay a fortune for actual purchases.
Where does this happen, you ask, grabbing your car keys? It’s a company called WHcamera, from Woodland Hills in north LA. When you’re looking for top quality digital cameras in LA, they’re a sort of do-everything shop. They cater for the pro photographer market, and they do have everything you need, from the latest DSLRs and Sony cameras for sale to top quality lenses, camera accessories, digital printing solutions and more.
If you want nuts and bolts things like electronic flashes, tripods, lighting, color checkers, correction lenses, digital frames, digital memory cards, etc. just go to them.  They also have all the top brands, and some of the more exotic high quality cameras as well.
Yes, they do have studio equipment, too. If you want shooting tables, lighting, backgrounds, or anything else, they’re also a good instant fix for those, as well.
The other big deal about these guys will make instant sense to all pro photographers – They speak “camera language”. No more desperate attempts to explain to some store clerk, they know what you’re talking about and can help when you need help.
For more information, visit www.whcamera.com and take a tour of the site. You’ll see your wish list is right there, waiting for you.  

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