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Posted by Elite Internet Technologies on December 21st, 2015

The word most used to describe pro photographers in LA, understandably enough, is “busy”.  This is a city of photographers of all kinds, from the high end professionals to the high grunt commercial guys. One of the reasons for being “busy”, however, is the very mixed blessing of finding the gear you want, when you want it.

Finding camera supplies in LA can be like a second job. Even the best stores may simply not have what you want. If you’re staring a deadline in the face, you don’t want to be playing hide and seek forever with the gear you need.

Getting the right high end camera equipment in the age of fast and fabulous DSLRs, super camera lenses, and fantastic new types of photography is definitely no spectator sport. Camera lighting can require a sort of shopping list, with screens, etc., too.

The other, ever-present, issue is price. Buying everything you want every time you want it can cost a fortune, quite literally. You need to balance your budget with reality. It’s simply not realistic to spend endlessly.

OK, so much for the pro photographer’s LA weather report. Let’s talk solutions. There’s a company called WHcamera up in Woodland Hills which has come up with a much better idea – Rent your gear. Rent what you need, whenever you want.

Sound good? It is. It’s the instant fix to your equipment needs, and they carry all the top brands. They’re a sort of one stop shop for camera pros. They have all the equipment you need, and the knowledge to help you when you want things done fast.

These guys are also up to speed technically and they know how important getting the right equipment is. You can find that new DSLR, or hunt down that new lens, without the guesswork.

For more information and to see how this approach to sourcing top quality camera gear works, check out their website here at Take a little extra time to browse the site, then talk to them direct about what you want.  

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