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Posted by juanoliv3 on December 21st, 2015

Financial decision making tools are extremely important for taking an organization to the right direction. Such tools can include assistance in preparing information memorandum or financial model so that the investors can be tackled on the basis of logical financial representations. Whether your organization belongs to the government or private sector, a specialized financial and commercial services provider will be able to guide you to the right path. The problem starts occurring when the companies realize that they are lacking in competent in-house personnel who can take care of such modelling. It is here that the role of experts comes in. They prepare the reports in a completely transparent process at a cost which is much lower than what an investment bank would charge you.

What is Information Memorandum and how does it bring in financers?

Are you looking at selling your business or raising capital for a new project or financial asset? In that case the first step that you need to take is to prepare an Information Memorandum. Sounds complicated doesn’t it? But if you have the right consultants working for you, this can be made pretty simple. An investment summary precedes a memorandum which is like a trailer. After reading this the investors are required to sign a confidentiality agreement. This document is often taken as a kind of marketing tool for prospective investors. It should contain a complete disclosure and a true picture of any kind of financial information which may affect the company materially. This is what the law states in Australia and a number of other countries around the world.

Preparing an information memorandum is mandatory if you are looking at attracting potential investors because without this they will not be interested at all. An IM gives them a true and attractive picture of the financial position of the company or a project. It requires experts from various departments in an organization coming together and guided by a competent leader to prepare the IM. Else you can also get a consultant to do the job for you.

How financial model helps in attracting investments

Whether your business house is a part of resources, infrastructure, property or industrial sector, developing a financial model is something that you would definitely require to keep the books straight for both the internal and external customers. Just like an IM, financial modelling works wonders for asset and project financing. It gives a solid ground for analysing the financial viability of a project and supports your arguments when you are looking at attracting potential investors.

Hence, as discussed above, tools such as information memorandum and financial model which helps in creating a clear and unbiased picture of the financial situation of the organization. And, when you give the responsibility of creating these tools for your company and making representations, your clients have something tangible to support their investments in your organization. These tools use the numbers in hand to give a predictive analysis for the required period of time. There is, of course, a scope for deviation. The more unbiased the reports are the more valuable they become.

If you are looking for financing then get your information memorandum and financial model prepared by an expert.

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