Independent financial services such as information memorandum and model audit

Posted by juanoliv3 on December 21st, 2015

Maintaining a stronghold in an industry is quite a serious matter. Resources, infrastructure and business environment needs to be monitored regularly. Is it time to hire financial and commercial service providers to take care of financial tools like information memorandum and model audit for your organization? Yes, of course. You do have the choice to go to investment banks but then you have to risk paying a percentage or a share of the resulting transaction for which you will hire them. Is there another way? Yes, you can go to an independent service provider who would offer these to you on the basis of a fixed contract and not charge a huge amount per successful transaction.

Financial services

What are the kind of financial reporting services that you may require? Well, it may differ from one industry to another, even from one company to another. There are certain common reporting requirements which every company must adhere to. The importance of this is felt when an organization is planning to get investments for a financial asset a project or the entire business. Financial models, model audit and checks, economic and fiscal analysis, investor and banking information memorandum, board presentation, equity and debt structuring as well as feasibility studies are the factors to be considered.

Now, you could either go to an investment bank to do this for you or you get an independent consultant. The difference is that a bank would charge a good share from the resulting transaction. In case of an independent consultant you only have to pay what is required by the contract and you can get these done anytime you want, without a specific purpose in mind. A model audit and financial model check can be an internal exercise before a proper financial audit takes place to ensure that everything is in order. On the other hand, preparing an information memorandum can purely refer to an external activity aimed at convincing potential investors of the benefits of putting in money in the business.

Commercial services

Many business houses may not have the in-house expertise required to do assessments of commercial services. In that case they can resort to hiring independent consultants as well. Commercial risk assessment, consulting for mergers and acquisitions, management of due diligence, contractual reviews and commercial contracting structures are some of the commercial services that such independent bodies offer. The services that are offered require accuracy, expertise and an in-depth knowledge of how the market economy functions in a particular region or business sector.

All the above mentioned services will be offered for companies belonging to both private and public sectors operating in industrial, infrastructure, resources and property segments. It may not be always possible to get the right hands at work when it comes to financial management. In such a situation it becomes a waste of time to go searching for the right resources. Why not opt for outsourcing these services? Whether it is about preparing information memorandum or model audit or any other financial analysis tool, a firm with decades of experience will be able to take care of all necessary activities, minus the whims and fancies of investment banks.

You can hire the services of an independent consultant to get information memorandum and model audit done along with a number of other financial and commercial services.

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