How Can a Chef Get a Michelin Star?

Posted by James Brownie on June 14th, 2021

Isn’t the ultimate goal of every aspiring chef to get a Michelin star?

One may refuse to acknowledge but, yes, it is.

Chefs strive to get recognition from the Michelin Guide food inspectors throughout their careers. Thus, deputing Michelin stars as one of the biggest honors in the world of Culinary arts is not exaggerating the truth. For the restaurants that earn Michelin stars, respect, and attention from media besides a boom in the flurry of customers is a sure thing. They enjoy the privilege to conduct private dinners with a star Michelin Chef for their guests.

How to Get a Michelin Star?

Aspiring chefs are always seen dreaming about earning a Michelin star. They desire to be able to conduct private dinners with a star Michelin Chef. Over the years, Michelin stars have become a platinum standard for hotels/restaurants to rate their services. However, there’s no specific guide to participate in the race to get Michelin stars because there’s no declared competition. It is only through recognition for your quality services and mouth-watering cuisines that you can earn a Michelin.

However, there are a few tips and tricks that might help you attract the attention of Michelin Guide food inspectors for all good reasons. But before we take a dive into sharing tips and tricks that can get a chef a Michelin star, let’s try to understand what is a Michelin star and why it is a platinum standard to rate restaurants.

What is a Michelin Star?

Michelin stars are a rating given to a restaurant on the scale of three stars. Only world-class restaurants can qualify to earn a Michelin star. For a hotel that earns one Michelin star, its food and service are known to be quite satisfactory. A two-star restaurant deserves a detour for its excellent food. For a restaurant serving exceptional cuisine, a three-star rating means that it is worth a special journey.

Recently, the private dinners with a star Michelin Chef have become so popular that people often go on tours to visit and eat in the Michelin star restaurants.

Michelin was originally a tire company that started producing travel guides for bikers. The guide was a promotional tactic encouraging bikers to travel while recommending the best hotels and restaurants where the riders could stop by. However, it wasn’t until 1931 before the Michelin star system began. Over the years, the Michelin Guide has evolved a lot. Presently, it hires food inspectors who visit popular restaurants and review them anonymously multiple times over a year. It is to help them analyze and ensure that the services of the establishment remain consistent throughout the year before giving Michelin star.

What Makes a Chef Worthy of a Michelin Star?

It might be the restaurant that gets a Michelin Star but, the credit for its savoring delicacies goes to no one but the chef. Here’s an insight into how can a chef get a Michelin Star:

Commitment to Quality: Whether it is your food or service, you need to remain committed to providing services that synonymize quality.

A difference that Stands Out: You need to stand away from the crowd to get acknowledged. It could be an exclusive menu or the unique charm of your master chef’s culinary arts. There has to be something that makes you unique.

Outstanding Services: You need something more than mouth-watering food to attract Michelin food inspectors. You need a group of friendly and attentive staff to standardize your services.

Criteria to Qualify as Michelin-Star-Worthy Restaurant

As you read along, you might realize that the points mentioned below are quite easy to fulfill while in reality, it is not as easy. You will have to dedicate yourself to serve a unique dining experience. Following are the selection criteria taken into consideration while Michelin star-rating a restaurant.

  • Piquant cuisine
  • Chefs who are masters of culinary art
  • Friendly and Attentive staff
  • Excellent dining experience


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