Highlight! John Boyega in Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens

Posted by gracedashen on December 22nd, 2015

Since The Force Awakens hits theaters recently, the internet has been ablaze with anticipation, speculation, and misplaced outrage over the Block star John Boyega. Well, do you have interestes in him? Are you satisfied with his performances in the movie? And how does he react to these different voices? Welcome to Swtor2credits and pay your attention on it.You can buy cheap swtor gold and enjoy best service on swtor2credits.

Who is John Boyega? And what role he plays in Star wars Episode 7?

As an English actor, John Boyega is famous for playing the lead role in 2011's Attack the Block and for playing Finn, the first black stormtrooper, in Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens. In particular, the Star Wars Episode 7 brings him international acclaim and recognition.

Are people satisfied with his performances in the movie?

After seeing this movie, most people hold that he’s created a role model for billions of children come from different races. He’s transcended the days of Lando's sidekick status. Great loads of childeren have modeled John Boyega as a brave hero and have hoped that one day they have the ability to wield a light saber. To the world, Boyega has proved that good writing, great films, and the world of entertainment isn't exclusively for the white, that once again art is color blind. But, some people hold that that Boyega’s skin color has nothing to do with The Force Awakens and larger Star Wars lore. Besides, his casting is against all previously established franchise mythology. Considering this fact, will John Boyega get affected by these side effects?

How does he react to people’s negative critics?

Although some people feel outraged and upset with Boyega, he always responds to them in three words: "Get over it." In an interview with Boyega, he said that whether you enjoy it or you don’t, it is already happening. People with different colors are increasingly being shown on-screen, so it is no need to whitewash your skin to adjust to a move scene. And he wants to try his best to let people drop a prejudiced state of mind and realize all the humankind appears in the movie are normal.

All in all, John Boyega is a highlight in this movie. He is calm and brave enough to face with adventures in film and praises & critics from the reality. As a black man, he has a clear understanding of himself and his dreams. Well, as one of Swtor fans, are you ready to set a goal to make your new journey in Swtor? If you need swtor credits, swtor wars battlefront credits & power leveling to do you great favor, you can choose Swtor2credits to give you assistance.

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